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Born in Ontario, Canada, been a Sci Fi fan all my life. Heinlein, E.E "Doc" Smith, John Ringo, Eric Flint and a raft of others are my meat n potatoes when it comes to reading. The list of Sci Fi tv and movies I love is endless, but put anything Stargate at the top of that list.

I'm also into aviation, sailing, shooting and recently, started writing again after not doing anything since high school. Mrs Ross would be pleased. BTW, I have been reading a wide variety of books since I was about 6 years old, and have picked up a lot of different expressions belonging to various nationalities and eras, so don't be surprised if I tell ya I have my best bib n tucker on.

In addition to getting into fanfic, I've been working on a Sci Fi novel since mid 2012, currently it is 34 chapters long, have another 2 or so to go before it reaches a logical stopping point. From there? Who knows. As you read my stories, you will find a lot of my own personal experiences in them. I tend to write using my own expertise in certain things, and a lot of things from material I've read over the years.

I used to work for one of Canada's biggest phone companies, but dreams of retiring on Sabre Dance, my old 38 foot cutter are now history, having a heart attack tends to change one's view of what accessible medical support means. As for retiring, abject poverty sucks but not as much as playing the "game". (First chapter of Sabredancing with the Dead sums it up pretty well)

I finally pulled the plug on July 18, 2021, so I've been "Retired" for just a tad over 10 months now. Was planning on going the end of October 2020 but there was to be a package in the wind for October/November so I hung on as long as I could. Finally the offered package came out, one subtle change would have left me in hell for another 2 years. Just to get half a years pay and give half a year to the Feds? No thanks.

Odd how I am busier now in "retirement" than I was during my working life. Way too many things, not enough time. Time management has become a real thing these days and allotting time to all the various things I want to do is an absolute must. So is kicking oneself in the arse to actually go do them.

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