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My name is Jeff, who has two annoying brothers, ages unknown (and still don't care to remember or find out...yeah I'm a loving older brother, sue me). I like watching sports, but not interested in playing them, except karate, swimming, and also loves video games and computer games. My favorite type of video game are Role Playing Games, and love watching Yu-Yu Hakusho, InuYasha, especially like to read Magic Knight Rayearth, as well as Naruto!


Edit: I'm not dead and neither are my stories, I swear! I've just been really busy the last couple of months with work, holidays amongst other things as well (Skylanders for example) Yes, I am a collector...my wallet hates me for it. I'm also trying to lose some weight so that my Kirito (GGO) cosplay outfit can actually fit me and I don't have to worry about the strap for the chest armor to snap off (it's suppose to do that so as to get it on but...yeah) so I do apologize to everyone who has been reading my stories. Hopefully 2015 will actually have something posted by the end of the year.

I've just noticed that I've forgotten something really important: Disclaimers! Well, I don't own anything except for what I put here. Hopefully this will cover ALL of my stories so that I don't have to add it. If someone complains well...I'll just direct them here laughs

I would like to to thank all the people who were behind me who made the decision for me to stay and make me look at a different stat. While I still wouldn't mind reviews every now and then (How do I know what you readers think? I don't have empathy or telepathy...) but I now go by the hits of my stories. Even if it's just reading it once again, or for the first time...it's glad to see that I pique at least someone's interest.

Thanks to the writers: Tidus Eternity Yuna, Wolfkeeper989, and the Anonymous reviewer, Immortal Soul for making my decision. I'm going to stay. I would like to give these people a big thank you, and to everyone who reads my stories; I beg of you to go check these two writers out.

Quotes that I like:

"D'you wear a black armband/ When they shot the man/ Who said "Peace could last forever"/ And in my first memories/ They shot Kennedy/ I went numb when I learned to see/ So I never fell for Vietnam/ We got the wall of D.C. to remind us all/ That you can't trust freedom/ When it's not in your hands/ When everybody's fightin'/ For their promised land"

-Civil War, Guns N’ Roses

"Let me let everybody in on a little secret. Christian Cage… is a prick! And I like it that way. Now, you see, for every time that I get beat down, beat down, beat down, and beat down again for being the asshole that I am, I will always get up and continue to be an asshole! Because you see, that’s what’s made me a star! That’s what’s made me the biggest star in TNA! That’s what’s made me the biggest star in this industry, and that’s what makes me, me, and all of you… just you."

-Christian Cage during his days in TNA

"All I need is one card to defeat you."-Seto Kaiba

"This is not some game, Kaiba. There is ancient magic at work here."-Yami Yugi

"Believe in the rabbits foot, if you like, but remember, it didn't work for the rabbit."-R.E. Shay

"Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and he willl eat for a lifetime." Chinese Proverb

"Do as you want"-Zero, Megaman X7

What you can't find you can find in your friends.-Sonic Heroes Theme Song

Let me show you just what I am made of now!-What I'm Made Of from Sonic Heroes

"That is good for the elves, then, for the humans will likely do ten times as much dying."-Darlantan, DragonLance Saga: The Dragons

"Stand back! Its my turn now!" -Seto when he faces his stepfather in a duel

I just don’t see how you can like Kikyo, I mean she tried to kill
Inuyasha on numerous occasions!”, Jeff said.
“Oh come on Jeff, even you have to admit she’s a total babe!”
“Don’t, never have, and have no intention of doing so in the future,”
the Sword Master replied quietly.- HKL from Battle to Save the Bishies
story Ch. 16

"How many times must I reply, bitch on your own time because you're taking up mine." Hiei, Dance of Swords: Return of the Technique ch. 2

Naruto grinned evilly, the expression hidden by the helmet the brunette had insisted that he wear. “How fast can this thing go?”Don’t you dare encourage him!
“Don’t know,” the pilot answered honestly. “Want to find out?”
What did I just tell you-Naruto, Duo and Kyuubi-Worlds Apart ch. 26

“Ahaha, sorry about that, I got lost on the road of life,” Kakashi offered.Naruto rolled his eyes, “Only you could get lost on a one-lane road.”-Kakashi and Naruto-Child of the Earth ch. 3

"I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may endanger my health"-Neji from Naruto Bloodlines chapter 18

Naruto got a wicked grin on his face. Quickly pushing his chakra into his two bands he swapped himself with a bunshin. This trick tended not to work on higher ninja but it would do for this. The bunshin just laughed for a minute while Naruto made his escape. When Sasuke was about to attack it stopped laughing and looked at the Uchiha with a serious face. "Naruto's not here right now. If you leave your name and number after the poof he'll get back to you." And poof the bunshin dispelled.-Naruto bunshin from A Sad Life Deserves More ch. 9

"No matter what happens... Don't let go of the person who is important to you. Don't choose death in order to protect her. No matter what happens, you must live to protect her."-Freedert from DNAngel

"If you plan on shoplifting, let us know-thanks"- Clerks the movie

"You are a danger to both the dead and the living" Dante- Clerks the movie

"Wise men choose death before war. Wiser men choose not to be born." Angelus from Drakengard (sorry for spoilers!)

"I'm sorry for hurting you Kagome; this only happened because you're with me."
"It's alright. I'm with you by choice."-InuYasha and Kagome at the end of Tsubaki's Unrelenting Evil Spell

"That's enough, I don't want to hear it. I'm sick of you and everyone else telling me to run. I'm not running, not without you. I won't leave you behind." -Inuyasha to Kagome, InuYasha Movie #1: Affections Crossing throughout Time

"Hell, This is my own life. How I decide to waste it is my own damn business."-Batou, Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex

"I'm Jason. The best fighter of the US." Jason replied.
"What do you want?" Ranma asked eyeing Jason suspiciously.
"Just to greet you. We may meet as fighters, but take that away and all that's left is what I greet you as...a human." Jason said walking toward the fighter dome.-Sythe2, World Martial Arts Tournament

"... and I'll give him a personalized autograph right in his face" NeNeNe (ROD The TV)

"Not fair you're a tyrant"
"We settled this democratically"-Michele and Anita (ROD the TV)

Your parents gave you the gift of life. You should treat it better-manga guy-Paranoid Agent episode 4

"My swords are on the line, now swallow damnit" Jin-Samurai Chmaploo episode 4 during eating contest

"...that's three strikes against you. You're loud, you're smelly and you're ugly."-One Piece-Captain Chaser (what weapon is this guy carrying?)

"I feel sorry for Cabasa bridge the most. After all, it had to support that behemoth's weight."-King Waltz, Eternal Sonata

"I am so dead. But at least I have a girlfriend"-Lionoh/Leo, Episode 7 Legacy of ThunderCats 2011

"Don't touch the enduring moments until you've found the right one"-Applecake

"Opinions are like assholes: everybody has one."-HKL's granddad.

Aurilelde laughed scornfully as she arrowed toward Nita again. “As if you know anything about love! Your idea of physical intimacy is punching Kit in the shoulder--”

Nita flushed hot. “Well, looks like I know more than you do, because I don’t have to keep my boyfriend in a cage! That’s what you’re trying to build for Khretef. You’ll stamp out all your enemies--meaning his people, mostly--and then rule Mars or Earth or whatever with him at your side. Chained there! Because the life you’re awake in now scares you too much to ever let him go; he’s the only thing that makes you feel safe. It’s not love holding you to him now: it’s fear! And Khretef knows that! But he means to stay with you anyway, because he’s sorry for what the fear’s turned you into--”

Diane Duane, A Wizard of Mars pg 505

Fueling it, Bobo said, is going to cost you.

“Being dead is going to cost me, too!”

Point taken.

Diane Duane, A Wizard of Mars pg 478

"It was a love and hate relationship, just without the love"=Amber-hime from one of her reports (fun girl to talk to and RP with and no, Amber is not her real name.)

Time not only heals, but hurts as well.-me

Time will wait for no one, but itself, or for Blinx.-me

Go to Hell, wait don't go there, I don't want to deal with you for eternity.-me

Good day, Good night, Good Riddance!-me when pissed

Either fight with a cause, or don’t fight at all.-me

"You know, this chapter/story is like most anime. When it starts getting good, they end it."-me when a story/chapter ends in a cliff-hanger.

The World will look up and say “Make this story NaruHina” and I’ll whisper “No”-Fury Cutter, Lost Son of Konoha chapter 8 (besides the major grammatical issues, I compel people to read it)

If anyone wants to do these, please feel free! All I ask is that you give me credit as well as a PM saying that you're doing it.

Naruto Challenges

Naruto/Legend of Dragoon

After his 10th birthday, Naruto wakes up to find himself in a cave, with the entrance shut in front of him. Naked, cold and blood on his body, the only thing he finds on his person is a note saying that Konoha no longer wanted their demon and cast you out. Little do they know that this cavern holds several secrets of the past...One being the entombed body of the last Wingly female. (It could also be the sleeping form of Rose, the human form of the Black Death)

-Naruto can either have the Fire Dragoon Stone or the Jade Dragoon stone. Anyone else can have the other stones, it just have to makes sense. (For example, an Iwa shinobi cannot have the Violet Dragoon Stone. HOWEVER Meru/Rose must have their respective Dragoon stone)
-It can be a harem if you want, but it does have to have Meru/Rose in it.
-Please no Sakura or Kakashi bashing
-Rose/Meru must tell Naruto about their history and about the Black Death/Wingly race

-Challenge currently accepted by MercenaryGrax: Story: Legend of the Dragoon Ninja

Naruto/D.N. Angel

The older generation know that Naruto Uzumaki has the Kyuubi no Yoko and have made him the scapegoat for several things that happened to them. As such, he retaliates by pranking them. However, there is something else hidden within Naruto...something that not even he knows. However, with the new rejection of Sakura Haruno...this new being comes to the light for the first time since the age of Minato...This being's name: Kaitou (Phantom Thief) Dark Mousy.

-Has to be a strict Naruto/Sakura
-Dark and Kurama can talk with Naruto and each other
-Council and/or Sasuke Bashing is acceptable but don't go overboard please
-No Kakashi Bashing

Naruto/Dust An Elysian Tale

Many years have passed since the San-Mitharan, Dust, defeated General Gaius saving the MoonBloods and Falana from his tyranny at the cost of his own life. Centuries have passed and Falana has become the Elemental Countries, the stories of old becoming myths and legends. However, one still remembers: The Guardian of the Blade of Ahrah, Fidget.

-Fidget becomes the Ninken to Naruto, Tsume bonding Fidget to Naruto similar to how Inuzuka's bond with their ninken
-Good Sarutobi, Good/Neutral Kyuubi
-No Sakura/Kakashi Bashing
-Naruto gains the Blade of Ahrah
-Fidget's magic breaths and the Magic Dust Storms are considered Kinjutsu and Ahrah warns Naruto to use them as a last resort

Naruto/Sword Art Online (SAO)

Kirito thought that after his death on Aincrad by the hands of Heathcliff that he would never be able to see his family again, to see Asuna again. However, when he woke up in the clouds, he was surprised to see Asuna and the creator of the death game there with him. He thought it was over once again when even that area crumbled into nothingness. Yet when he woke up...all he saw were very tall trees, trees that wouldn't be in Aincrad, or his real home.

-Author's decision for if other members join Kirito in Konoha
-Kirito MUST wake up in the Forest of Death and be found by Anko
-Kirito keeps his swords and armor from the anime/manga/light novel
-Kirito keeping his sword skills are optional
-Author's decision for if Kirito pairs up with anyone (IF harem AND Asuna comes, she MUST be in the harem)
-Author's decision for if Kirito decides on Naruto becoming his apprentice or not, but he must befriend the boy.
-No Sakura/Kakashi Bashing

Fate/Stay Night Challenges

Bleach/Fate Stay Night

Ichigo always knew that he wasn't what people called normal...yet he still pretended with a mask of indifference and a scowl always on his face. Perhaps that was why the Heroic Spirit EMIYA was drawn to him as he was about to die. Little did he know that by saving the teen, he would be saving the world...Again.

-Heroic Spirit (HS) Emiya can save Ichigo either as a child from Grand Fisher or as Ichigo is about to turn into a Hollow/Vizard
-instead of Zangetsu, Ichigo gains the two Chinese Swords (forgot the official name at the moment) Byakuya and Kanshou as Shikai and their Overwing versions as his Bankai
-Ichigo will not learn Unlimited Blade Works as it is too broken and OP'ed
-Ichigo and Saber OR Ichigo, Saber and Tatsuki

And now for a challenge from one of my friends. Please read the whole note and if you have any questions, please contact me via PM. Thank you.

Dear Fanfiction Writers,

For those who don’t know me, I am FireSamurai. I use to write fanfiction but have put down the pen many years ago. I now consult and help my friend Dragon and Sword Master. We both share a common interest in the Japanese Anime as well as Drama. One such is Kamen Rider. After watching the current ep of Kamen Rider Ghost (ep 21) a plot for a fanfiction has occurred to me and I am throwing this challenge down for others to take up.

Plot: The Knight Gamna sees how chivalrous Takeru is decides to switch sides and join the heroes side. Along the way she starts to develop feelings for our Rider but notices a certain Scientist not being honest with her own feelings.

Must be Takeru/Akari or Takeru/Akari/Knight Gamna
Knight Gamma can live or die but if she dies then Akari must use her eyecon to become a rider herself.

I hope everyone enjoys this challenge and I look forward to the results. If anyone takes up this challenge or have any questions to contact Dragon and Sword Master and he will contact myself.

Have fun!


Okay, because I am honestly tired of seeing authors being affected by this, including myself, I just have a few words to say. This particular problem has caused a great number of authors to quit writing certain stories, or just quit writing altogether. Some have even decided to up and leave the site because of this problem. So, Grax and I feel this has to be said.

If you don't enjoy a story, it's okay to leave some constructive criticism and offer some advice on what you think could be better, or even offer up some suggestions as to what you think would help improve the story. What is not okay is to flame the story just for the sake of flaming it. Hell, flaming period is NOT OKAY!!!

Heh, oftentimes, constructive criticism can be taken as flaming simply because of how you choose to word things, or how harsh you choose to be. It's really like you're walking a fine line between being constructive and just being a jackass. So be careful about what you say, and think clearly about what you want to be said.

Now, if you really don't have anything nice to say and do just feel like being a jerk, here's my advice to you: JUST STOP READING!!!!! Seriously, it's just that simple. If you don't like a story, there's no reason to continue reading. It's a lot better than choosing to flame a person's story and trying to make them feel like crap because you feel you don't have anything better to do with your lives. You don't need to flame and you don't need to send that author nasty PMs! Why do I say this? Because there's really no excuse for it AT ALL!!!

The thing that really bothers me is the fact that I've seen some damn good authors quit writing some damn good stories because of this problem! I've also seen some of my friends quit the site because of this issue. No matter what people say, words can hurt, and they can hurt bad. So please, think before you speak.

Thank you if you read this until the end. I appreciate it, and I hope this message gets passed along. I know I may only be one person, and one person can't really do much, but I know that just one person can help make a big change. So if this message helps even a single person, I'll be glad.

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