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30-something canadian male who's an avid fanfiction reader. Is currently trying his hand at writing, but with few results. Speaks both English and French, as is normal in this region (Quebec).

Hobbies : Fanfiction, Anime, RPGs, Strategy games, Mangas, Fantasy, Shooting down slash fangirls with the Harkonen-II.

Favorite subjects : Harry Potter, Ranma, Worm, Wheel of Time, Sailor Moon, Angelic Layer, Silhouette Mirage, Anima: Beyond Fantasy, Other rare games.

P.S. : I have nothing against same sex relations in a story, as long as it was implided in the source material. Meaning : Gravitation slash normal, CCS slash ok, but no Ranma or Harry Potter slash please. It just isn't right.

-- 03/01/16 --

The March chapter of ADOP will be a day or two late, due to my current bad cold. Sorry for the delay, but I find I can't write sick.

ADOP Images :

The official ninja clones :

/seraviel/ADOP_Clones.jpg - Ariko & Muremaru (Color)

/seraviel/ADOP_Students.jpg - Ariko, Muremaru & Naruto (B&W)

The civilians clones :

/seraviel/ADOP_Civilians.jpg - Civilians (Color)

Ariko's Fashion show :

/seraviel/ADOP_Fashion_1.jpg - /seraviel/ADOP_Fashion_2.jpg - /seraviel/ADOP_Fashion_3.jpg - /seraviel/ADOP_Fashion_4.jpg

Naruto's new techniques :

/seraviel/ADOP_Akiraka_Jigokuhi.jpg - Akiraka Jigokuhi

/seraviel/ADOP_Chakra_Shield.jpg - Chakra Shield

/seraviel/ADOP_Mabushii_Kagayaki.jpg - Mabushii Kagayaki

/seraviel/ADOP_Saishuu_Houden.jpg - Saishuu Houden

One from a friend who found the rabbit court's prank hilarious, and couldn't help himself...

/seraviel/Bunny_Kyuubi.jpg - Kyuubi

Everyone, have a good new year and may your favorite fanfictions suddenly come out of Necro.

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