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STop the PRESSES!!! Lem has a very important announcement for all fans of POTC!!!!...

I have been reseacheing costumes and other port royal etc and concluded that POTC must have been during the gregorian period (1700-1790)
the styles from england that were clostest to elizabeth's seem to be from the 1720's and 1760's... in 1693( I think ) Port Royal washit by a huge earth quake, and it swallowed alot of the Island and then in like 1722 it happened again over 3000 people died!!*gasp* So I am leaning toward the 1760's Idea ... I hope that clears up a bunch of mysteries about the time period!!

ok now with our regurly schedule program!
hi I am lem and I am homeschooled! yah! for HS in HS (homeschool in high school)
All about ME!:
ok well I am really short for a normal 16 year old I am definatly a blonde !I am not really a good writer( so don't blame me! )
I love LOTR and POTC!! I just saw POTC for the 5th time and noticed so much more and I saw the Mickey yeah!( you know the mickey shape in every disney movie!!! I found it) !... AND I saw Jack the monkey after the credits ! yahoo that was so cool!
and I love costumes ( elizabeth style!)
I also like finding Nemo and the Emperors new groove !

random thing : ok I was at tap on wednesday and I was looking at my tap teacher , and my mind clicked on and I decided that she looked and acted like jack sparrow ( except she doesn't sway the jack way ) ok anywayz
ok hows that for a bio?
please R&R tell me what you think

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