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Hello. I write ridiculous things. That pretty much sums it up.

Apparently FFNET decided to break my links. So you can find the fanart by looking up the following artists and looking through their galleries, or going to fav [dot] me [slash] and the numbers following the descriptions.

Check out the deviantart page of the wonderful Alexia Gilispai (kvalificatsia), who made the cover for A Home for Fear!

The full-size image can be found here. It is beautiful and you should love it and her: d5tqm5c

She also drew Jack meeting Sara for the first time, it's very entertaining. XD d5varro

More fanart, this time by the lovely Dariahn: d636qrf

Doemaarwiebel drew the tickle scene from Chapter 6: d6505j7

I love reading my reviews, every single one of them. They're most of the reason why I keep putting out more stuff. It's a great feeling, knowing that you're bringing entertainment to others. =)

Not too much else to say about me. I'm female, if you must know.

Oh, and I find Pitch utterly fascinating, if that's not already apparent.

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