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Enji and Evan PM
Joined Dec '12

Who am I? The younger counterpart of Enji and Evan!

In the avatar picture I'm the blue hair guy!

My name is Evan Springfield but call me Evan!

My brother specializes in poems while I'm good with random one-shots.

I like to eat ramen and drink milk.

I don't like sweets nor bugs...

I'm usually the one who answers PMs and asks questions.

Well I hope to see you soon!


Well my username is Enji Springfield. Call me Enji.

I guess I'm the brown haired guy in the profile picture.

I like to eat ramen and hot chocolate.

My dislikes are none of you concern.

I usually write poems but I'll rarely upload anything. If I try to write a story more than a chapter don't expect it'll be any good.

I'm usually he one who writes the stuff and Evan checks them for me.

I wrote the fanfic A Book Of Poems.

Well bye I guess.

If you hate pickles copy and paste this onto your profile. If you like them copy and paste this onto your profile anyways.

I you dunno what the difference between a crocodile and an alligator is, copy and paste this onto your profile. Even if you do know, copy and paste this anyways.

If you want to torture your younger twin because he dragged you into this mess, copy and torture your twin while pasting.

If your scared of your older twin of torturing you, copy and paste this onto your profile.

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