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Been on the site for a while, may upload something one day, who knows? Now I'm content with stalking my favourite authors and looking out for more fics to love.

We are all poetry. Every breath or sigh before another hopeless night of uneasy slumber is itself a verse in a great poem. - WTNV, 20.

And while the future is fast coming for you, it always flinches first and settles in as the gentle present. This now, this us, we can cope with that. - WTNV, 12

Existence is the most thrilling fact of all - WTNV, 31.5

Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small and yet it is - WTNV, 49

Look past the things you think you see. Move your head just a touch to the left, a glance in a world of perspectives, and then…you might see it: an entire universe in the corner of your eye. - WTNV, 41

Time is like wax, dripping from a candle flame. In the moment, it is molten and falling, with the capability to transform into any shape. Then the moment passes, and the wax hits the table top and solidifies into the shape it will always be. It becomes the past – a solid single record of what happened, still holding in its wild curves and contours the potential of every shape it could have held. - WTNV, 21

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