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I will not be updating my HTTYD story for a long while as life is getting in the way and, truth be told, I'm a little low on motivation right now and working my way through some Naruto stories.

Challenge idea:

I Was going through the old gash bell/zatch bell series when I thought of its similarities to the Naruto world. I know that Gash Bell is not very popular as it is very childish but the plot of the series is quite good. Needless to say that this challenge will have spoilers for those who haven't read the manga or seen the anime (they are not the same plot).

Okay, so the basis for my idea is that, by using the power of Faudo to try and beat gash in their final fight and then trying to spite gash by making Faudo go on a rampage, he is punished by being forced to reincarnate into a weak human child with bright blond hair like Gash's. The point of this is to try and teach Zeon a lesson in suffering, he is to live the full life of a blond child that is hated and is too weak to fight back. He is also forced to relearn all of his 'spells' from square one without any help whatsoever. The terms for his punishment being over are that he must be able to understand the pain of his twin brother and as a final test, he must face the challenge of using Bao without losing himself.

Rules for this challenge:

1. Zeon/Naruto must not be super powerful or at least must work very hard for his power.

2. Must take place in the Naruto universe, no going back to the Zatch Bell series. Characters from the Zatch bell series can make appearances as desired by the author.

3. If the Kyuubi is sealed into Zeon/Naruto it must be a 'he' and can be altered to fit the story as needed.

4. The story must not have yaoi or yuri.

5. The story must progress to a rating of T or M before the end.

6. If, in the unlikely event, someone is still reading this and wants to write this story, please send me a PM so that I know that it is being written.

Just a bit about myself.

I am a male living in the USA and I have a variety of stories that I like to read, at the moment I am mostly reading Naruto stories with a few others thrown into the mix.

About my writing.

I really don't like to write down my various thoughts/ideas because I would end up spending 16 hours a day writing. I consider myself to have an overactive imagination when it comes to books, movies, television shows, and anime. That being said I write for myself and the only reason that my current story is being posted at all is because I needed a way to spend a few extra hours in my day. In terms of my writing style I am crisp and not very descriptive, I don't like to let too much emotion into my works as I feel that it taints the piece with too much of me and not enough of the story that I want to tell.

Also the only time that I seem to really feel the inspiration to write is at 2:30am Monday to Thursday, so don't expect any snappy updates.

About my current story.

This story is a direct result of the above mentioned imagination combined with the truly awesome writing of Spidermaster on this site. The entire story of How to Create a Dragon was sprung from the following line from chapter 26 of Spidermaster's story, Call of the Night:

"Come now Astrid, I only know what you know. And I know that this is some kind of genocidal strike. They're trying to exterminate you like the vermin you are."

Having written the story in chunks within a short amount of typing time I will apologize here for any confusion in the plot or details that conflict.

A few warnings about my story.

I have no idea where this story is going to go once it really gets past my crude outline, that being said I will try to keep it on track.

I do not yet know if this story will contain sexual content but it will contain some violence and some bad language.

Lastly this story is going to be long as all hell, it is already 27k words long and I haven't even gotten to the movie part yet so be prepared for a long process.

Reviews providing constructive criticism are encouraged as they help my motivation to write, private messages are also acceptable.

If you have any questions about my story just send me a PM and I'll answer as best I can.

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