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OrielleD PM
Joined Dec '12

Meaning Behind Pen Name: It's something I used in high school and it just felt right.

Age: 28

Hobbies: Reading, board games, roleplay, knitting

Likes: Video games, Indian food, constructive criticism, new adventures, parenthetical phrases

Dislikes: Philosophical discussion, flakes, insincerity...dubstep

Favorite Video Games: Dragon Age, Final Fantasy (specifically VII), Mass Effect, Portal, Resident Evil, Bioshock

Favorite Movies: Star Wars, RHPS, Stardust, just about any Disney movie, The Devil's Carnival, Indiana Jones, lots and lots of Miyazaki

Favorite Music: Rusted Root, Mumford & Sons, almost anything in that vein; EDM (specifically trance)

Favorite Books: War of the Flowers, American Gods (and about anything by Neil Gaiman), Star Wars EU (until the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, I stopped reading then), Harry Potter

Favorite Anime: Slayers, Sorcerer Hunters, Fruits Basket, Elfen Lied, Sailormoon

Favorite Word: "Ensorcelled"

About me: I write dialogue in my head while my hands are working, and stick it in a folder until I can write a scene. Until recently though, I haven't had time to write for pleasure. The new time on my hands has been great. I love fanfiction because I suck at world-building and playing in someone else's world lets me practice.

Personal Motto: Never tickle a sleeping dragon.

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