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Oh yes hello there, how're you? How did you get here? Uhm.. yes hi I'm Helayna. I love Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Free!, Kyoukai no Kanata, Vampire Knight, OHSHC, and Maid Sama! Prepare yourself for badly written fanfics. u v u


Babysitter (currently writing)

(I'm writing this because the world deserves more RoWen.) A RomeoXWendy fanfiction. Wendy is assigned to babysit little Asuka, all good right? Well there's one thing, Wendy's never babysat anyone before. So yeah, Wendy is FREAKING OUT and Romeo comes in and helps and whatnot... you'll have to wait and see what happens.

With Your Hand in Mine (sort of writing but not really)

A LyonXJuvia fanfiction, it takes place during The Look on Her Face. Gray and Erza have been on their 10 year quest for 6 months. Though Juvia has moved on from Gray, she feels lonely. Gray was such a large part of her life, that it's strange without him here. To get her mind off of the subject, Juvia takes a job, and she bumps into a certain white haired mage of the way.

Partner (It's ALMOST done but I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EN D ITT. *frustrated scream*)

A fanfiction about Juvia and Lisanna. (Friendship not yuri) What if... Juvia and Lisanna had defeated Erza in the S-Class exams? What would happen then? (I suck at summaries so this is all ya get.)

Just an idea, no name yet.

GrayZa. *u*/ A story of Gray and Erza's past, a story of crushes, cake, and promises.

GrayZa AU (Just a well thought out idea, but no name. TT)

GrayZa college AU! In which Gray is an art student and Erza is the student council president. Gray's specialty is sculpting, and when the sculpting students need models, Erza's friends make her apply. The redhead just so happens to be paired up with raven haired artist.

Who he used to be (Haven't started writing, but it's all mapped out in my head.)

GrayZa. The riverbank scene, ever wonder what was going through Erza's brain during then? It may be different than you think.

My cure, my Remedy (I've thought about this so much but I've never started writing... *a failure that I am*)

LyVia. A lullaby. A simple lullaby was written because of the joy that Juvia felt in that moment. Her first child. "You make my fatigue vanish, and my smiles come forth free. You're the cure to my every illness, you're my beautiful Remedy."

Scattered(Again I've thought about it SO MUCH, but when I try to write it I go all stupid.)

Juvia.(no pairing really) She woke up in a classroom, her English lecture still going. What was going on? Where was everyone else? There was a light flashed and then she woke up here, in her English class. But even stranger, she knew this classroom. She recognized every face in the room, though none were a member of her guild. Similarly, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and many others found themselves in the same situation. Fairy Tail was scattered, and they most certainly weren't in Fiore anymore.

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