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Hello! Redguard76 here. Obviously. Anyways, I'm a major nerd in pretty much every sense. I love to read. I spend a lot of my free time doing so. I also enjoy video games and TV shows, but I don't do those as often. I love books, fiction mostly but I can get into a history text book pretty well. I also love comics, manga, and anime. Although the latter two are pretty much the same.

You can find my favorite fanfiction below but some other favorites of mine on other sites are: Alexander Harris and the Shadow Council by Tenhawk, and Hope by Jeconais

I've been toying with the idea of using this profile for more than just reading fanfiction for a while now. I've been compiling ideas for fanfics for years now, I've just never sat down and planned for it. So in the future I might upload an idea or something.

Anyways. I dunno if anyone will really read this but if so thanks? I guess. Go and seize the day! Because Fortuna Favet Fortibus!

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