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Hello. My name is Kittie aka Katina () Alicia (is prenounced Alisha)Campbell. I am an 18 year-old freshmen in college. I love the following courses are am currently in; Intermediate Jazz dance, early child development, and spanish. That's just a couple of things about me heres more.

Favorites Shows;
Sailor Moon
DragonBallZ (I watched it when it first came on, no longer do I watch it, but I watch the episodes I recorded just when I'm bored.)
Yu-gi-oh! (Well actually I collect the cards, tee:hee)
I love TRL!! Graet show, only when they show good videos, no crappy *NSync, or Shanky Queers (Britney Spears)! Forgive me for typing down her name!

Favorite Food:
Wow now lets see:
Meatloaf (yes I must be weird, but my mama makes all pretty looking and good! I'm southern
I should actually type down anything cuban, italian, mexican, and the orginal american!

Favorites Books:
Wow anything from Danielle Steele, and R.L.Stine. I used to read goosebumps like it was the best series of books ever created. I still love this one particular book by R.L.Stine! It's called The Bad Girl, which is part of the Fear Street series. Also my favorite from Danielle Steele is Crossings! These author's are my idols.

Favorite Movies:
Now this is a long list, but I'm gonna name most. I'll name 20!
1) American Wedding (Hilarious)
2) American Pie 2
3) American Pie
4) Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice
5) Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose
6) Sailor MoonSuperS: Black Dream Hole
7) DragonBallZ: Dead Zone
8) Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
9) Harry Potter (the first one)
10) Care Bears (my fave movie when I was 8.)
Now my much more favorites movies to date
11) Cruel Intentions
12) Cruel Intentions 2
13) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
14) Spiderman
15) Scooby-Doo
16) Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
17) Pearl Harbor (a true story)
18) Signs
19) Gotta Kick it up!
20) Right on track (a true story)
What a list, huh?!?!?!

Favorite Singers/Artists/Groups (blah, blah)
I can't think of anyone else. AHHHHHHHHH! Oh well! I'll figure out soon!

More about me
Hobbies: Reading, writing, talkin' on the phone (Amen to my friend the telephone), chattin' and makin' friends on-line! Drawing anime characters is fun, too! I also enjoying lip syncing to my cds, and listening to them while dancin'!
My favorite Show as a child, and why? Is it still your favorite? Why or why not?
Okay to be honest I still love to watch Sailor Moon,and that was my favirte show as a child. The reason I did is because it was the only show that 14 year-old 8th graders where superherorines! There was Serena/Usagi (Meatball head and leader), Amy/Ami (my least favorite, and the brains of the group), Raye/Rei (the tempermental snob, and I love her the second best), Lita/Makoto (my # 1 fave, and the tough one of the group), and of course (the beautiful all-american) Mina/Minako! I don't know why I still love it. I guess it's exciting and ahhhh I don't know, great!

You wuld think me being in collegeis all good, but I'm swamped with work for the Newspaper, yes yes I am a journalist. It comes from my love to write fanfics. I am going to be busy for a while, till them, please update my fanfics!
Geez I felt like that was an essay question or something! Well I g2g! byeness! love Kittie AKA Katina Alicia! tee:hee

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