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macas1 PM
Joined Dec '12

Im not the best at making stories but I can continue on from other stories really well, helping them to make new chapters or sequels

I also love to read them, especially Madagascar, Ice age and Spyro stories..

My favorites are:

AlextheLion1: read his madagascar 4 stories: the next adventure and The next adventure part 2: the adventure continues. an agent has actully

contacted him about his stories going onto the big screen. :D

MiElettra: who has only made 1 story but i loved it! Tales from the Circus

StonedMonkey1: whos has made some wonderful stories: Choices (madagascar X hunger games), 5 seconds and many others you should check out if you like these (or 1 of them)

keep 'em comming guys :D

gender: male

age: 14

im getting to all the action/romance stories that continue on from animated games and movies

I am really good with computers and a few musical instrument (really good at piano)

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