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Queen MiMi of Wonderland PM
Joined Dec '12

My username here is Queen MiMi of Wonderland, but you can address me as 'My Queen' or as 'MiMi'

If you have questions, go right ahead and PM me!
If you want to friends and just talk, PM me!
If you want to offer me a story idea, PM me!
Basically for anything and everything, PM me! :D

Greeting! Below are my story collections. They are simply sets of stories are sometimes linked together, sometimes not.

ItaNaru Love Starts Out Young Collection: 5 of 5 Completed!

  1. ItaNaru: Naruto's Secret Boyfriend
  2. ItaNaru: The Uchiha's Are Cool
  3. ItaNaru: Minato's Point of View
  4. ItaNaru: How the Relationship Began
  5. ItaNaru: Itachi Believes

All Dark!Naruto's Need a Song-Fic Collection: 3 of 3 Completed!

  1. I Don't Wanna Die
  2. Been To Hell
  3. (s)AINT

Uke!Naruto Needs an Song-Fic Love Story Collection: 3 of 3 Completed!

  1. Criminal
  2. Numb
  3. Rumor Has It

MadaNaru's Love-Story Collection: 4 of 4 Completed

  1. Forbidden Cursed Love
  2. A Dark Love
  3. Complicated Love
  4. Demon Contract

Welcoming Back Collection: 1 of 10 Completed

  1. Conquer
  2. Take (Conquer Sequel, In Progress)
  3. Welcome to the Fields (In Progress)
  4. Divine Interruption (In Progress)
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