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age: that is classified

height: 5.4


location: Aiya... I travel around the country with my family for my Dads job. We move about every two months and we started about two and a half years ago.(No joke.) I'm homeschooled and really enjoy traveling._

likes:good books sushi my dog reading fics Politics , my boyfriend, etc.

dislikes:Rude flamers, among other things. celeberties who think they can tell us to "VOTE OR DIE" 'cough' Bakas'cough'.

Current news:

fav shows:Furuba (Fruits Basket),Rouroni Kenshin,Cowboy Bebop,Samurai Champloo,R.O.D. the TV,Trigun,GiTS.

fics that you should check out:(yes I know what thats what the that section over there is for but these are some of the one that really stand out.)

Moving Out: by Yokai Cesia and Chi: this is a great Fruits Basket story by a pair of authoress's who really have a knack for comedy and romance Chiis the author of moving Out but Cesia is on this list too.

thats it, Ja n'e!

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