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It's time to clear out this ol' profile and update it. My name is Blue Rhapsody, but you can call me Blue. Or whatever name you'd like, really - I'm not picky. I've been on this god-forsaken website for about eight years now. Some of my stories are almost that old, so they definitely have some, ah, personality, if you'd like to be polite (which means they're pretty bad). However, I can't seem to delete them quite yet, so for now I'm stuck banging my head against my keyboard every time I see them.

It would be best to delete them, but I'm stubborn.

Recently, college has been devouring my soul as of late, which means less time for writing. That's fine - inspiration rarely comes, and when it does, it's usually at the worst time. In the meantime, feel free to agonize over what's going to happen in the next chapter of my stories (I'll let you in on a little secret: I, too, agonize over what I'm going write next).

If you have some burning desire to chit chat or ask when I'll get my shit together (good question), feel free to send me a PM. In the meantime, I'll be procrastinating whatever it is I have to do.


-Obsession (Ghost Hunt): Mai finds out that not all demons get rid of their grudges, especially when one has their eyes on Mai herself. (Rated T!)

Pairings: NaruxMai, some AyakoxBou-san, and maybe MasakoxJohn. Still thinking about the last one.

Status: 5 chapters. We don't talk about this story, guys.

-Oh, Dear (Ghost Hunt): Naru has to pick up his daughter from school one day, and finds that a boy is flirting with his daughter. This isn't going to end well...

Pairings: MaixNaru, AyakoxBou-san.

Status: Was a two-shot, but I changed my mind. It'll probably be around 3-5 chapters...maybe. Might stretch to seven at the most since I'm shortening the chapters by about a thousand words (so 3,000-2,000). We also don't talk about this story.

-The Day She Tells Him (Ghost Hunt): "The day she tells him, it was raining..." (Sort of a drabble, not quite sure what it is.)

Pairings: MaixNaru, a mention of AyakoxBou-san.

Status: Completed! I wrote it in a very, very different style than I'm used to, so I hope it turned out well.

-Masks (Ghost Hunt): "To any single individual whom it concerns, I will pay five hundred dollars if you can do one thing-go on a date with my son." Poor Mai, a college sophomore with no parents, no money, and no choice but to accept a ridiculous request by a ridiculous mother. But perhaps something more lies underneath the mask of the infuriating, narcissistic man-and consequences will be paid. AU.

Pairings: Mostly focused on MaixNaru.

Status: 7/5/2020: I finally uploaded another chapter on 6/21/2020. For now, I will be focusing on other works of mine, and if everything goes well I can start publishing my stories again within the year. Of course, school will likely disagree with it, but with some luck and hard work I'll finally be able to let out the stories that've been bruising my noggin for a while.

-(seam)ingly (MLB): "The Miraculous agency can fix any problem, any time. Literally. Unfortunately, that doesn't extend to Chat's own problems regarding his crush on the seamstress Marinette, his unresolved issues with his father Hawk Moth, Carapace and Rena's unappreciation of his humor, and the mess that forces everything to a crashing halt. Short story AU."

Pairings: Mostly Chat/Marinette, with Chat/Ladybug sprinkled in too.

Status: 3/29/2021: finally published! This is one of two MLB fics that I've been working on, and I'm very glad to get one of them published. I've been working on this story since December 2020, and it'll have three chapters. Expect one a week.

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