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Hey everyone!

I just wanna say i am totally team Jacob. Never ever, will I ever write other pairings so there.

And I mean why wouldn't you wanna be team Jacob?

1.he is hoot

2.he is sweet

3.he is alive

4.He don't wear a shirt!(got to love him right girls?)

5.He turns into a wolf...awesome.

I don't think i need anymore reasoning.

About me...

I don't wanna give away anything personal so,

i like, ok scratch that, i love music

love writing.

i love art and singing.

People yo uphold check out...(writers on fanfic.)


. twilightglitter-01

.crazy-wildand free








.romantically tragic perfection

these are just some great writers.


lets see if you read my stories please know that i update them whenever i can,generally on the weekends

cause i have school.some i will be re-writing; going back in time.But first i wanna complete controlling much.

Umm...yeas so thats about it. However ass this to your profile if you agree.

Why i hate edward;

.he is not very good looking



.Old, like nine times bella's age


.Has a hairy line on his (small)abs.

why i love Jacob

.he is incredibly handsome(very edible)



.Boyish and relatable


.Turns into a bloody wolf!

.Has perfect abs!

Yeah!!!! sotrue!

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