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I am a lady. I have a husband and a wonderful little son. I write stuff sometimes and then edit forever. I'm terrible about updating in any sort of timely fashion. I mostly hang out on Tumblr, under Katergator84.

Pairings I generally read and support:

Starfire/Robin : Raven/Beast Boy : Cyborg/Bumblebee : Hiccup/Astrid : Ladybug/Chat Noir : Kagome/Inuyasha : Miroku/Sango

Some of my favorite shows include:

Teen Titans, New Girl, The League, Parks and Recreation, Fraiser, Rules of Engagement, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Bones, Arrested Development, The Office, Just Shoot Me, Scrubs, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, Robot Chicken, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Mythbusters

link to my Deviantart page is right here: ChocolateOverlander.

My favorite movie of all time is Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I can't tell you how many times I have seen that movie. One time my husband and I watched it four nights in a row. I wish I were joking; we quote it all the time. I think between the two of us we could probably recite the entire movie. This is real talent.

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