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Main favorite fics and anime: Naruto, One Piece, Dragonball Z, and Avatar thee last airbender and fairy tail, highschool of the dead.

To my precious blood brothers can you plz give me ideas for my intros.

Naruto Poems: (For some reason because of my poems people say i need a therapist)


I once was chased by a mob

As I ran I began to sob

I fell and awaited my death

But only heard my breath

Soon my body began to throb


I have been treated as a rat

Even been beaten by a bat

As they see me they call me the demon brat

I have been through thick and thin

But you haven’t seen where I’ve been

Everyone I meet sees me as that

Even used me as a doormat

For as they see For they will get


I was thrown out of the orphanage when I was 3yrs old

I wandered the streets some people thought I was dumb or bold

I was chased by a mob

I was caught and beaten as i began to sob

I would question them why?

Struggle I try

They say im a demon

For what is the reason

As I lay in blood everyday

I was told I kept him at bay

I will be making a facebook soon that will have story ideas, some omakes and some funnies.

http:///336174 : This shows the picture for Jewelry Bonney in Devil Pirates.

http:///user/LuminitsaTheLittleLight/media/NarutoPirate.jpg.html : I guess this is Narutos look as a pirate this is the only picture i could find on him as a pirate.

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