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Hey People of the internet!

So this isn't a loooong list of my accomplishments or stories or anything, but it is my profile page.

Anyways, my fandom is Kick-Ass, I am a die hard Kick-Ass fangirl, my favorite color is purple, my OTP is Maczewski (Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl) and my favorite band is Pierce the Veil (Idk what my favorite song by them is). I think that's all the little dumb personality traits people would need to know about me. If you want to know more, you can always ask.

Here, on this little page of mine, I'd love to thank my wonderful reviews, each and every one of you. I've said it before, but I'll say it again- you all are the reason I write. Thank you so much for your encouragement and advice.

Feeling like teaming up on a story? PM me. Like my stories or have something to suggest? PM me. If you have a problem with me? PM me.

Thanks to all of you who read my stories and who faithfully review. Thanks to everyone who knows how to write an awesome story.

Shout out to Captain-Sherlock-Who (another fanfic writer), my best friend, who has suggested tons of helpful stuff for my stories and has been supportive through every story, every problem, thanks. If you like Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, or Kick-Ass check out her profile. She's got some really amazing stuff. She is truly an AMAZING writer, even though she thinks she sucks. Help me to remind her how good of a writer she really is.

Thanks to everyone who is honest with me via reviews because they've really helped me improve as a writer. Thank you everybody.

Your fellow fangirl/author:


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