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I write because I have nothing better to do in my life. I read more than write- that should tell you where my priorities lie. There's your explanation about my horrible update time. Hah. Many things in fanfiction piss me off, wherein I then direct(ed) the offending boil on humanity to my xanga then roast it on a spit. Roasting varies from intelligent to blindly homicidal. Originally, my homepage was my xanga but considering I roast fanfiction as well as general stupidity on there with hellfire, it's caused me problems with other people trying to virtually kill me and other nastiness. Thus, my homepage is now my deviantart account. And woah, it actually has some of my serious work on there, namely some of my photography and eventually my prints. I actually have a life, go me.

UPDATE: (6/20/16) So. Jesus fuck, hi guys. So, um, I haven't written in awhile whilst I concentrated on actually getting my Creative Writing BFA, but I've now graduated. I still read more than I write but I might come back here. I also plan on writing for fictionpress (at which I am inuani) where I shall spew my original writings onto the unwashed masses. That xanga I talk about is a complete bust now thanks to xanga imploding (thanks) but I kept my rage-fueled rantings and currently they're on wordpress and shall soon be copied onto livejournal, where I shall eventually continue. I'm still filled with so much anger at stupidity guys. So much anger. And I'm expanding fandoms constantly so rage. Also I now have AO3 and twitter accounts so go stalk me bro. I'm pretty boring when I censor myself (hence the xanga/wordpress upload/livejournal) so what the hell. I'm probably also joining the tumblr hivemind soon so my debauchery shall be fully exposed soon.

About Me-

M'name's Arielle, call me Ani please, and I'm neurotic about spelling and grammar and I obsessively go over my written out stories for mistakes. I don't like stupid people and those who call me short. I'm currently twenty five with a BFA in Creative Writing (oh yes). I am NOT The Little Mermaid and if you make any references towards it, you will get eaten. If you call me short, you get eaten. Piss me off in any way and your brains and entrails will be fed to my muses. They're bloodthirsty that way. That's all you need to know, you piranhas. I don't care.

Old/Current Projects (the ones I deem worthy of public consumption- mostly)-

ADWN: Author's note chapter up with a somewhat new update on my stories. Most of them, at least. Completed.

Sensetiveness: I know it's spelled wrong, hush. On a friend's (dragonlady1220 (AKA Liz16)(now known as Lasciel) account . Possibly permanent hiatus due to rampant stupidity. Oh- and if you were to go on her page (link in favorite authors) There is also a story called Vacation that my friends and I co-wrote a very long time ago. It's in script format and very random (and most likely quite stupid with many, many inside jokes) but if you're interested, you can look at that and some of her other stories (ie. Seto Kaiba We Love To Torture You) and see A. Who and What got me into fanfiction and B. The way it was written which I had originally mimicked- that will show you WHY I'm rewriting Sil. and Cru. And why it's taking so long to do so; with Sil. in particular I now have to write/rewrite a huge chunk of the early story.

Silence (also called Sil): I'e hit a road block on it's rewritten state. It's being rewritten due to the bad writing the first time around then again when it hits the computer. #3 of The Shikon Chronicles

Wish: An odd fic that was thought of in my dreams. It has two parts. Please enjoy.

Crushed (also called Cru): My second baby. A rather odd story, but I love it. Resides on my other name, inuani. Currently on semi-hiatus, because I need to clear up a few issues (such as fixing up a rather important OC (my one and only) from the lackey he was written down as originally. Plus... the writing in the beginning is... odd on paper. I had hyped myself to write it- I was too scared to even start until a year or so later- and it was during a time when I was under strange, strange influences that I had to clean up. The prologue you guys can read is better, but still. Mmm...) #1 of The Shikon Chronicles.

Pairings I Like-

Anything works now. I don't care anymore, as long as it's well written and not anything too... hm, squicky. Most of my earlier dislikes don't exactly count anymore since that would make me a complete hypocrite once I thought about it. I can't exactly count bestiality anymore since I just think of Harry Potter and the magical beings. Or Inuyasha and their yokai. Pedophilia? Why hello there Inuyasha, Code Geass, and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Necrophilia and incest? Hello Inuyasha, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Code Geass, and Gravity Falls. So, now... Just so long as it isn't totally disgusting or whatever (like, say, Kaede/Naraku or something like that. In any age for Kaede, this pairing makes me weep tears of despair, by the way), I'm totally alright with it. JUST DO YOUR BEST TO MAKE IT WORK WITH A GOOD PLOT. Hell, I'm not even a total grammar ass anymore if the plot is good enough; I can reign in my urges to roast if need be.

Update: I've pretty much given up on the Inuyasha fandom as a whole by now, it's almost all spam. I've ventured into Harry Potter-ness, so I lurk there mostly now- and Yu-Gi- Oh!, making me seem to have come full circle. I started with Yu-Gi-Oh! as a naive, little girl and return a wary semi-yaoi fan. Even for Inuyasha if need be. I go for plot now, not pairings. They're just extra. Everything else goes. Ah, oh well. I get what I get.

OH. One last fact- If I write you a review, PLEASE don't respond. Or, if you must, just give it a vague mention next chapter you post (and even if you don't, that's cool. I understand the rules well enough, even if I don't always... agree. I've been here long enough, I survived the original Fanfiction Purges of poetry, CYOAs, self-inserts and the like from aaaages ago.)

Frankly, the process of writing a review is such an excruciatingly awkward process for me in and of itself, so when I see a review reply, I'm honestly horrified and probably won't read it until hours (or days) later, cowering slightly and terrified I had sounded absolutely idiotic and that the response is filled with rage and death and dignity destroying hate. Or something. I used to have a knack for sounding so in my reviews. That's also why I rarely write reviews as well. Usually, I don't know what to say. I like your story, your story gets alerted. I like your works, your entire name and everything included gets alerted. I lurk, quite frankly. It's what I've done since joining here. Besides, with me, even if I just find you alerted/fav'd me, I'm usually so honored, the fact that you didn't write a review won't matter to me. Though, it does make me a little happy... Ah, que sera, sera.

So... please, if any one of you that came to this profile after you had seen that I had alerted you, don't be offended that I didn't review. Also, please. Just because I only have Inuyasha stories as favorites (for the most part), doesn't mean I spread out into different fandom. Au contraire- Mostly, I don't read Inuyasha fanfics anymore in favor of other fandoms such as Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Phantom of the Opera, Rurouni Kenshin, Ranma 1/2, Gundam Wing, Supernatural, Ouran High School Host Club, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, Hikaru no Go, Torchwood, Watchmen, Star Trek, Sherlock, Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, Voltron, Final Fantasy (usually VII), Welcome to Night Vale, BNHA, The Magicians, The King's Avatar, Hollow Knight, Legend of the Shield Hero, Sword Art Online, a whole bunch of manga, manhwa, and manhua that may or may not actually have any fanfiction or whatever else. I'm interested in most everything and my fandom base is growing constantly. Sooo... if you want some good fanfics from other fandoms (and have similar likes) please, just ask. I have a vast amount of alerts (story, author, and c2) at my fingertips and many, many more waiting to be read. Mostly now I do not touch my favorites (both stories and authors) on my page, since they were first done when I first was on the site. Then, I still had been reading mostly Inuyasha fanfiction and the favorite stories list had had a cap on it, being unable to go higher than 150 and the alert system hadn't been created yet. I remember having to regulate my favorites back then so I could still know when any important stories are updated. Now, everything is run by alerts. I have the entire gamut of fics and fandoms, please ask if you want some good ones.

...and yes, for shits and giggles I do actually add to that list of fandoms as I discover more and more.

WebRing Inc. SDDI - Society for the Defence of Duo's Intelligence

Tumblr: inuani (though you'll mainly find me in the Gravity Falls fandom there!)

Twitter: @cardboardani (originally created because I watch people on Twitch; I'm cardboardboxhobo there)

AO3: inuani

Fictionpress: inuani

alsoalsoalso I have another account HERE, and I think it's pretty damn obvious at this point. I'm also inuani on .

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