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well first i live in the middle of nowhere in south dakota or as the locals here call it bonesteel. i take all sugestions for fics and if anyone want to make a fic with me i won't say no unless it is a su ject in the fic i have no knowledge of or i hate extremely which is kinda alot for no knowledge and very few on hate and if you want a person to read over a story for you and give an idea then just pm me for my e-mail and i will read it for you and so far i am only a good critic for romace and humor but i like adventure as well but i am guilty as charged by admitting i like the fluff due to me being unable to even get a gf here

gender: male

if you have any suggestions for a story pm me though it may not be used till my first story is finished.

and now as for my two stories I am not abandoning either of them but well I have no inspiration to worth with.

daryl;s compassionate pokemon: completely no inspiration and stuck in another fic waiting forit to continue so my character can com back (read 3 steps to pokemon) (possibly dead with a part of me)

if anybody has any ideas I could use please pm me with them

I am not dead as you all can see thank god right? what? you didn't even notice I was gone? well there goes my day I guess. :'( if you did notice I was gone pm me or something


a link to my forum for Forest's Revenge


I have currently several challenges if anybody is interested in doing them just pm me for details. the universe for the challenges I currently have are Naruto and sekirei. I have a couple challenge fics for each.

here are a few of my challenges.

a fic in which Naruto is adopted by the akamichi clan shortly after he is born/the fox attack.

a Naruto fic where Naruto is a sort of mind master after being adopted by the yamanaka clan after being asked by minato due to the blond hair colors to hide Naruto from his enemies who would be after his son after he knew he was about to die, the main pairing would be a Naruto ino. with ino having grown up knowing Naruto to the point that she doesn't dislike him but has a bro con side to her. the only thing that kept her from admitting her feeling being that she always believed they were blood related. during the night that the forbidden scroll is stolen she would have worried about him to the point that that night she would use the mind transfer jutsu and come into contact with kurama and before being kicked out of his mind kurama would make a snide comment about her being adopted family of the brat. then yea. this would be a fic where ino isn't as nearly annoying. and Naruto due to interference with the fox would be able to use a basterdized version of the yamanaka clan jutsu in a way to mentally influence people to certain degrees though he wouldn't figure out that since he does it sealessly and iunconsously and when he does figure it out he would of course probably abuse it like shadow clones. and this would be more obvious to people than to himself due to it being his inate ability to make enemies friends like haku and zabuza going from I shall kill you to i'll sacrifice myself tonight and all causing gaara from killing machine to himself with a few words. and back to the mind section after ino is kicked out she would think she was adopted and would go to inochi crying asking if she were adopted and after calming her down a bit she explains why she asked and inochi if guilt tripped by his daughter in telling that she isn't adopted but Naruto is whil being nervous skirting around the fact that she met kurama and causing her to dismiss it currently due to the other information brought to life.

the next Naruto fic challenge is Naruto is still in his younger years of the academy when he sees a small fox kit being attacked and almost killed when he takes a massive beating to save the fox kit. afterward he would take the kit home and nurse it back to health and kurama being bored off his fluffy ass would give Naruto the ability to understand foxes like the inuzuka can understand dogs. the fox would become a sort of pet to him and eventual partner like akamaru is. the fox would be able to use several jutsu to some extent like a true henge where it becomes solid though the kit who Naruto would find out to be female would prefer to do a henge of a young but beautiful girl who would be about naruto's age for most of the time. the day of the bell test the fox kit would track down Naruto and find him fighting kakashi's shadow clones and finds herself by kakashi reading icha icha paradice and would read over his shoulder and from then she would become a massive pervert on the level of juraiya isf not going past him. she would also be mischievious to the point that she was never seen as being perverted but Naruto would be the one seen as the pervert although he would somehow always manage to get people to believe he isn't a pervert though usualy only after a beatdown like juraiya gets. the fox kit would also take on the traits usualy found in kitsune in legends such as massive prankster and all and added to naruto's own pranks yea. side note of the fox one the fox kit would have savior syndrome and have a massive crush on Naruto more than sakura and the rest of the fangirls have for sasuke.

the last one I can remember off the top of my head is a crossover only this time there are 2 sekerei forced into the Naruto universe after miya finds out that takehito didn't necessarily have to die that fateful night since minaka actually was going to do it himself but then wanted to be alive to keep the sekerei plan going she would become enrages to the point that to get back at minaka she would with a single swing slice a hole in the fabric of reality only to not notice the disciplinary squap in the room and they would jump in the way with karasuba attempting to fight miya only for her sword to be sheered through as if it was air and having karasuba die but haihane and bentisubasa would be torn from reality in the wake of the slash which also killed manaka and ended the plan. on a side not takami would let the sekerei loose with the plan abolished. the now ex mebers of the disciplinary squad would be torn through time and space before being dumped into konoha along with the body of karasuba. they would land in a dumpster scaring the shit out of Naruto who having been hiding in the alley from a recent prank. he would take them back to his apartment seeing them unconscious and skipping one of the last days of the academy doing so. eventually they are winged by Naruto. beni-chan due to her love of his undying will and haihane from her love of his pranks. haihane would be winges shortly after the hokage monument was painted. the sekerei would find out that the reason they could use powers like they could was because they possessed chakra and utilized it without knowing. the hokage would find out about them and noticing their pure skill they would be instated in the academy and would be placed in naruto's class and they would somehow manage to pass the academy with Naruto with them. the hokage due to their sheer refusal to work with others without Naruto at first would make them a team still lead by kakashi (only since his sharingan would have copied better ways to use claws and his copied knowledge of taijutsu from gai.) and I hate to say this but they would be commonly called the itty bity moron committee or trouble maker committee or such. the sekerei would end up learning ninjutsu and all with their affinities beinf beni-chan with fire and haihane with water (going off their titles of crimson and indigo) with Naruto learning several wind jutsu from kakashi. and kakashi would make them the perfect team of teamwork with combination attacks between the four of them with fire water wind and lightning affinities. after the confrontation with zabuza haihane would force herself to learn a basterdized version of silent killing that would be slightly subpar to the real deal from being self taught.

what if there was a romeo and julliet factor that happened in the narutoverse where a huyuga (atm I cant spell the name) and a uchiha fell in love and had a kid that was narutos age. and what if the kid didn't get the buyakugan of the sharingan but a new dojutsu that had the best of both things. a 360 vision that could tell you what you opponent was doing before they did it as well as seing the chakra system but not to the point of the huyuga. and what if this kid was shunned from both clans just like Naruto was everywhere. and due to the two biggest clans shunning the girl the rest of the village did thinking that she was something worse than she was. and what if she had been taken in by Naruto since she treated him normally and since they were the same (in each others eyes). I am not the best artist but I have roughly drawn the image of the dojutsu that results from the uchiha and the huyuga. if you wish to see it just ask. (challenge accepted by dragon537 fic name "The Hated Prodigy")

a fic where two of minato's close friends who swore to protect Naruto if he died learned they had only such a short time to live themselves with one a uchiha and one a huyuga and Naruto got beaten to a pulp and almost died shortly after the orphanage kicked him out and lost both eyes from hateful drunk villagers and the two friends of minato each sacrifice an eye for Naruto with the fox making it so they deactivate somehow and become blue like normal with them being sealed from use by the fox and at the battle of the bridge Naruto doesn't only use the foxes power but unlockes the donated eyes at the same time only not being use to the mental load of a dojutsu he would pass out and until he trained with the eyes would only be able to have one active at a time and wouldn't be able to do quick switched until again training with them.

what if Naruto never truly grew up alone regardless of the fact he was alone in the living although he had his mother there with him constantly watching and whispering advice into his ear with Naruto never knowing what it is though he comes to trust it and after a while thinks it is kurama after he finds out he holds the fox until he summons gamabunta and the fox vehemently objects to it being him. and what if Naruto had been trained by nothing more than a whisper on the wind in his ear?

Naruto stumbles upon a perverted innkeeper on a c-rank or above mission and gets told a story of a swordmaster who wielded a sword of legend that was said to be unbreakable and could change forms to fit its wielder's desire or even its own as the sword was suppose to be sentient. the swordmaster would have been killed in his sleep over 500 years ago and his sword vanished. after hearing more of the story from the roughly kept inn keeper he would be given the gift of the mans help only to fine that the sword he had been told about was not simply a story or a legend but a lesson in history as the inn keeper simple transformed into a ragged sword with a chipped and scratched blade seemingly in poor condition. how will naruto's life change with a sword that was able to be his weapon his teachr and his friend. (the sword can take any form even human but only male and not somebody known. the sword could take the form of the seven swords of the mist but not their abilities. example would be a metal samehada only it couldn't eat chakra but it would shave instead of cut.) the name of the sword was simple given as ryosuke

(this was created due to sasimilar dream) after all is said and done Naruto is the 7th hokage and married ton hinata. however one day while trying to create a new time space ninjutsu with seals he accidentely sends himself back into the past to the first day of his first year of the academy (in the first chapter of the manga it clearly states that Naruto has failed the academy twice before he failed and stole the forbidden scroll of sealing which would make him a year older than neji) however when he wakes up from his unexpected tip into the past, he finds himself in his old body a kid again only with all the knowledge of the future and all of his skills still intact with the only thing missing from his memory being his research on the new time space ninjutsu he was trying to create. now trapped in his old body in the past with the knowledge of the horrible things to come and still equipped with the skills to handle the future, how will Naruto handle his life that he realizes he can change for the better now with his current knowledge. from graduating the first time or purposely failing until the year of his choice to changing the village for the better to even changing his love life from the future with his knowledge of who hates him back then and who doesn't think of his as anything but the annoying kid, how will his changes to his life effect the future and bring peace to the world.

a Naruto/code geass cross over. in the final battle with a madara resurrected with the rinnegan Naruto gets caught in the edge of his rasenshuraken attack that disables madara long enough for sasuke to kill him at the price of naruto's eyes. saskue refusing to allow his friend to be blind rips out the now dead madara's eyes and has them transplanted into Naruto. then kurama rebelling out of sheer fury for having to use the eyes of the man who once controlled him rebels and causes a tear in the fabric of the space time continuum causing Naruto (and possibly sasuke) to be sucked into the tear in reality that sucks them away and depotits them in the world of code geass. now the two shinobi who due to their sharigan would be immune to eye contact based geass must join the rebellion to survive in a world where everybody is entered into an electronical system on the day of their birth, being ghosts in the system and forced into the rebellion with nightmare like Susanoo abilities how will they survive and how will this change the world they are now trapped in. and what will happen when one if not both of them aquire a geass power. NOTE: if you decide to take this challenge I do have a suggestion for a geass ability but you don't have to use it it is just an idea.

What if most anime heroes were taken from their own universes and placed in one universe. what will happen when all anime heroes meet, will they get along, will they fight, will they be lazy as always or will they destroy the planet. who knows what will happen especially when they are greeted by old rivals to the people that ruined their lives, chaos is ensured. follow the band of heroes as they travel to find a way home to their own universes using the powers found in the new and old worlds to return home. (this would be more of the main charac ters like Naruto from Naruto or ichigo from bleach)

if you decide to do any of my challenges please pm me and let me know I would love to be a steadfast reader of any body writing one of my challenges.

10 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity. (I LOVE THIS and I could see myself doing several of these to tick people off. :D)
1. At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing Cars. See If They Slow Down.
2. Every Time Someone Asks You To Do Something, Ask If They Want Fries with that.
3. Put Decaf In The Coffee Maker For 3 Weeks. Once Everyone has Gotten Over Their Caffeine Addictions, Switch to Espresso.
4. In The Memo Field Of All Your Checks, Write "For Smuggling Diamonds"
5. As Often As Possible, Skip Rather Than Walk.
6. Order a Diet Water whenever you go out to eat, with a serious face.
7. Specify That Your Drive-through Order Is "To Go."
8. Five Days In Advance, Tell Your Friends You Can't Attend Their Party Because You're Not In The Mood.
9. Tell Your Children Over Dinner. "Due To The Economy, We Are Going To Have To Let One Of You Go."
10. And The Final Way To Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity...Copy and Paste this into your profile

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