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Real Name: Harrison. Don't really care if ya know my name :)

Age: 18

Height: 6' 3"

Religion: Don't have one

Weight: 250 lbs.

Gender: Male

Current grade in school: 12th

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Joke: Too many to pick one.

Favorite Book Series: Artemis Fowl

Inheritance Cycle

Mortal Instruments

Lord Of The Rings

The Hunger Games

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

The Heroes of Olympus

The Kane Chronicles


Favorite T.V Shows:

Sword Art Online



Criminal Minds


Deadlist Warrior

Dreamwork's Dragons: Riders of Berk/Defenders of Berk

Adventure Time

Regular Show

Favorite School Subject:

U.S History

Favorite Music:

Who Let the Dogs Out - Baha Men

Take a stand - PaperbatVG and Slyfoxhound

Beer for my horses - Toby Keith

I Lost It - Kenny Chesney

Mr. Mom - Lone Star

99 Luft Balloons - Nena

Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

Need You Now - Lady Antebellum

Anything country or dubstep


Sword Art Online: Kirito/Asuna, Kirito/Sinon

How To train your dragon: Hiccup/Astrid, Fishlegs/Ruffnut, Snotlout/Heather, Tuffnut/? (haven't found a good match for him yet, but so help me I will.)

Artemis Fowl: Artemis/Holly(I'm pretty sure that 80% of my stories are Hartemis), Trouble/Juliet

Eragon: Eragon/Arya, Murtagh/Nasuda, Saphira/Firnen(If you haven't read book 4, pretend you didn't see that), Saphira/Thorn

Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Vlad/Snow, Vlad/Meredith, Otis/Nelly

Halo: Reach: Six/Kat, Carter/Kat, Jun=Forever Alone :(

Halo: MC/Cortana(this one is different, but I've always like the idea of it)

Borderlands: Zer0/Maya, Zer0/Gaige, Axton/Maya, Krieg/Maya, Mordecai/Lilith, Roland/Lilith

Pacific Rim: Raliegh/Mako, Chuck/Mako(Depends on how it's written)

Regular Show: Mordecia/Margaret, Rigby/Eileen, Mordecai/CJ(Not sure about this one, although I've read a few good fics about this)

Assassin's Creed: Desmond/Lucy, Ezio/Catarina, Edward/Mary Shaun/Rebecca

Crater: Crater/Maria

Mortal Instruments: Clary/Jace, Isabelle/Simon. Also, I think the movie was pretty terrible.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus: Percy/Annabeth, Percy/Piper(I read a really good fic about this), Jason/Piper

About me:

I'm 18 years old in twelfth grade. I live in the U.S but was stationed in Germany for 7 years; most of what I remember is there. I hate homework, and I love to read. I will read anything if I'm bored; even Nutrition Labels in grocery stores. My favorite book is Eragon from the Inheritance Cycle; it's what got me intrested in reading and writing. I collect watches and knives and my favorite thing to do other than reading is writing. I wish I could draw, but no such luck yet :) .

About my interest in Reading/Writing: So, when I was young, I hated reading. Hated it. But when my mom got me Eragon and forced me to read it, I started to like reading. So I read the second book. That one is boring. Then I started reading all the books I got from my mom. I started liking it more. Now, in eight grade, I started writing and found I like writing fluffy romance and the like. When I'm reading however, I like adventure with a little bit of romance. I also like Horror/Tragety, especially AF ones. On my opinion on The Last Guardian, PM me and I'll expand on the P.S below

P.S: I do NOT think of The Last Guardian as a part of the AF series. It was written horribly, full of plot holes, and down-right terrible in my opinion.

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