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Whats up FF?

Names BadazzEXE, I'm a beginner in all things literacy, seriously I barely know how to use punctuation correctly I'm sure those more experienced can tell, BUT I am determined none the less to give writing a chance and improve through it as an inspiring author.

Now if there is one thing that inspired me to give writing a chance (even though I don't even have a story here yet) is the horrendous lack of any good Dragon Ball related stories, don't get me wrong there are some really good DB stories, but those are so few in number and some of those are just abandoned it's sad really but I also understand that DB is not an easy story to write about especially with the idea of a crossover since the level in power with some other verses would make almost any story kinda broken, and that is why I'm here to prove that with a well-crafted plot and story structure any DB story be it crossover or just DB in its self can make for a thought provoking ride.

Now with that out of the way here is a list of story ideas that I have and they're not all DB related.


Gathering Of Stars (RWBY X Dragon Ball Franchise)

Summary: Having found himself waking up in a dusty old ruin Gohan honestly was at a loss of what to think, Where was he? Why couldn't he sense his friends and family? Why was the moon shattered or even in the sky in the first place? and what were these lifeless dark creatures that he couldn't sense? Whatever was going on he only hoped that his friends and family were alright.

My thoughts on this story: The idea for this story came to me after the end of Vol.3 of RWBY, at first the idea was nothing more than a "what if crossover" type of scenario, but as time went on it just wouldn't leave me and I was left coming up with ideas for this story. In the end, i just started writing down my ideas until I just decided to go with it and give it a try, this story will be one that I will give a lot of attention to so I don't plan to rush it in any way or form.

Scion of Light (RWBY X Rise Of The Shield Hero)

Summary: Finding himself with a unique power that seems to make his entire life an RPG Jaune Arc's dream of becoming a huntsmen was no longer a dream but a possible reality, with this power and his trusted shield Crocea Mors he will mark his name in the world, now if only he could do something about his non-existent attack power.

My thoughts on this story: So this story basically came about from the overused idea of the gamer protagonist that seems to have taken a trend in the RWBY Fanbase in FF, at the time I also wanted to give it a try, but the overuse of it made it a hard idea to explore since almost everything has been done with it and after some time I just got bored of the idea so instead I decided to explore something different hence forth this idea came to be.

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