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I like most manga/animes as long as the art and comedy are decent... though indecently decent is also fine. sometimes too much "moe" is blinding to me but sometimes i can handle the clicheness. don't know its a paradox.

I hate tragedies...too depressing...bittersweet things make me bawl like a baby.

Shounen, Shoujo, Yaoi, Yuri, all are fine

Originally i was a real prude and didn't read anything "indecent" at all..(nothing beyond the occasional chaste kiss between couples). i loved-love comedy shoujo manga... i loved pairing people together like cupid.

but after getting reallly bored with no new updates in shoujo romance/popular shounen manga, i exploring. I thank the manga artist Shinju Mayu for converting me to read Smut... her men are sexy. "Love Strip" converted me.

and i thank Ikeyamada Go as well for her Bishis in Moe Kare.

After more boredom from no much new smut, i thought hmm Yaoi men and Smut men are alike in sexiness... ukes are similare to skinny girls... and with that in mind i went exploring once again.

and with that the door to Yaoi and Shounen-ai opened.

I thank Yoo Hajin for "Totally Captivated" ... Mookyul so hot... favourite Korean manhua ever.

then i feel in love with Junjou Romantica by Nakamura Shungiku Nowaki and Usagi are awesome.

I thank CLAMP for providing so many bishis Kurogane, Fai, Touya, Yue, Shaoran and more shaoran...

from then on i started BL-shipping bishis together. i thank the manga Mousou Shoujo Otakukei for teaching me how to pair up bishounen.

I had a friend who read Fanfics on this site and i tried it out... and fell in love for Code Geass fanfics... Lelouch and Suzaku have so much angst...

SUZAKU X LELOUCH! -SuzuLulu im sad to admit the fact that i converted to Lelouch x Suzaku afterwards but am too lazy to change it. ... plus it sounds better as suzululu rather than lulusuzu

Favourite Fanfic Categories and Crossovers categories:

Fate/Stay Night Code Geass Kyo Kara Maoh Familiar of Zero Kuroko no Basuke Bleach Naruto Harry Potter Final Fantasy VII Kateyoshi Hitman Reborn Inuyasha Fairy Tail xxxHolic CardCaptors Hetalia Nurarihyon no Mago Teen Wolf (TV drama)

Favourite Pairings (REVERSIBLE PAIRINGS ARE OK... too lazy to type both AxB and BxA assume it could go both ways. Bold and Italicized pairngs mean my top pairing in that fandom... sometimes i can't decide which i love more )
Kuroko no basuke:KagamixKuroko, AominexKagami, AominexKuroko, AominexKise, and KisexKuroko... and haremGOMxKuroko are also fine KiyoshixKuroko, MurasakibaraxKuroko

Fairy Tail:LucyxGrey, LucyxLaxus, LucyxSting, ErzaxJellal, LucyxJellal/Mystogun, LaxusxGrey, GreyxNatsu

Inuyasha: KagomexSesshoumaru, KagomexInuyasha, KagomexKouga, SessoumaruxInuyasha

Kateyoshi Hitman Reborn:ByakuranxTsuna, XanxusxTsuna, YamamotoxTsuna, DinoxTsuna, DinoxHibari, TsunaxHaru...(i hate kyokoxtsuna)

Code Geass: LelouchxSuzaku, SchneizelxLulu, GinoxLulu, LuluxCC ... i hate EuphiSuzaku

Naruto: NarutoxSakura found a youtube vid that sums it up

KakashixIruka, KakashixSakura, MinatoxSakura, GaaraxSakura, ItachixSasuke, ItachixSakura, SasorixSakura, ObitoxKakashi, MinatoxKakashi, JiraiyaxTsunade, Hinata x Kiba

Final Fantasy VII: CloudxZack, CloudxAeirth, CloudxVincent, VincentxCid, CloudxReno, GenesisxAngeal, CloudxZackxSephirothxGenesisxAngeal, ZackxAeirth, ZackxSephiroth

Harry Potter: HarryxHermione, DracoxHarry, DracoxHermione, SiriusxLupin, HarryxHermionexLuna

Fate Stay Night: ShirouxRin, ArcherEMIYAxRin, LancerxArcherEMIYA, LancerxRin, LancerxShirou, ArcherEMIYAxShirou, GilgameshxShirou, KotominexShriou, KotominexKiritsugu, DiarumuidxSaber, GilgameshxSaber

Nurarihyon no Mago: YoruRikuoxTsurara(Yuki-onna), YoruxnormalRikuo, RihanxYoruxsexylookingGrandpaNurarihyon, three sexy Nuramen with uke Rikuo, Gyuuki x Rikuo (reminds me of Snape and Harry), YoruxIkaku, YoruxYura, ZenxRikuo, YoruxZen, Yoruxthe ninetails, Rihan and his first wife, NurarihyonxYohime, KubinashixKejoro, AoxKuro, KuroxRikuo,KuroxYoru... i hate Kana for being ... a damsel in distress that basically DOES NOTHING.

Teen Wolf: StilesxDerek, StilesxLydia, PeterxChris

Things that make me want to tear my hair out:

The OPness of the sharinggan At the second stage the sharinggan can in additon do one unique jutsu (Shisui's koma-something,tsukuyomi,and Kamui), they can all do Susanno and Amaterasu flames. EVERY OTHER BLOODLINE HAS ONLY ONE ABILITY!

One thought that boggled me is why isn’t Tsunade the fastest fully human character in the series bar the Kyubi/sage mode Naruto and sudden death mode full gates opened Gai.……since shinobi chakra jumps is essentially compressing the chakra in feet and propelling off upon impact with her PERFECT chakra control and her experience as a veteran with five decades of being a ninja and a dodging expert she’d have an insane reaction speed……

If Tsunade can control her chakra to her limbs and maintain that control to either perform cellular surgeries and destroying mountains in a blinck of an eye why can’t she suddenly expand that energy to propel herself faster than the others?
in a driving game, sometimes extremely fast cars have lousy control despite having so much fuel power. If we compare her to a car she has the naturally Senju and Kage level chakra fuel power (even without using the seal) as well as the one of the BEST fuel/chakra control in the series logically shed be the fastest and easiest to manuver on the battlefield.
Wouldn’t she be faster than Minato (non-hirashin) or Hashirama? She has massive pools even without activating her seal, which she can perfectly control and has the body durability to control it. She can channel it. Only Sakura and Tsunade have PERFECT control. the two can manipulate large amounts of chakra in an instant yet they are SLOW. I blame sexism. They downplayed Tsunade and Sakura and virtually every other female in the series a lot. Nearly every female is a loveobessed fangirl stalker who is destined to be a housewife.
And why would Sasuke be faster than Sakura. Its like a shooting video game, you can see a hoard of zombies trying to mob you but your avatar can’t move fast enough to get away cause of built in physical limits
his eye can see the targets but he can’t hit them accurate and fast enough. Sharingan only allows him to see things not move his body... but his body can’t react as fast as the visual image.

Harry marrying the fangirl

the same girl that couldn't speak to him properly for the first five years of hogwarts. Siriusly for a guy who hates being reminded of his fame, marrying a fangirl was not able to see past the fame for at least five years of hogwarts time. who constantly reminded him of his fame... plus the fact that all weasleys look i dunno if he gets turned on with a Molly Jr that looks like Ron. I know alot of people having siblings that look really similar to one another despite being of different genders...Sometimes id think that Harry has developed Stolkholm syndrome and/or Felt Obligated/peer-pressured to marry her due to her getting possesed by Voldemort and losing a brother. Ginny took advantage of an emotionally unstable boy grieving for his friend and his godfather that died recently prior to them dating.

Hermione marrying the mo-Ron. I honestly don't know why she'd want to marry the guy who constantly emotionally abuses and hurts her. A moron who gets jealous easily and shouts at her alot. He BETRAYED the Trio TWICE!!!!!An extremely bigoted guy who doesn't know any manners nor table manners. Id puke if I had to sit by someone like that everday everymeal for the rest of my life which would be around a century long since magicals have a long lifespan. They argue like crazy its amazing they hadn't killed each other during their marriage.

Many magicals Glorifying Sirius (heartless) Black, James Pothead, and Scarlet woman Lily:

Sirius and James were evil in their pranks. Constantly an already emotionally abused kid (who later became orphaned) for a total of seven years. Sirius almost fed a fellow student to a rabid werewolf. That is waaay darker than even the death eater kids inteh school. For a guy that wanted to be different form his dark and cruel family, targetting a poor kid for seven years... thats totally contradictory

James Pothead Potter was a prejudiced mean bully that took things too far. He is worse than Draco the twins and Dudley combined. SO he made the slyterins and Snapes life hell and he gets off scott clean. If dumbledore wasn't so bigoted in Griffindor superiority over slytherins, then the maruders would have already been expelled and jailed long before their seventh year.

I think that subconsiously Lily (ScarletwomanTraitorWormtail) Evans abandoned her Childhood friend Severus Snape because she wanted to bag James Bully Pothead. If she can forgive a guy enough to marry and sleep with who made her best friends life hell for a total of seven years... then why couldn't she forgive Snape. She was probably Using that as an excuse to ditch her friend.

Its always about HER. For years, she knew her friend had an abusive homelife and yet never did anything for him. She would be blind if she hadn't noticed considering howlong they've known one another. Having Scars and burises over his arms and wincing in pain every now and then over the course of so many years yea shed have to be RON to not notice it. Snape was a victim of abuse both at school and at home so it was obvious he’d be angry and have long grudges against his abusers, yet she still sided with James. All for that one mudblood comment. Lily was being an insensitive, traitorous, hormone-driven ...(censored-swear word)... at that time. So calling her a mudblood at that moment was actually POLITE of him.

The only time he ever used that word. She never thought that how angry he was at the moment. Lily only saw the word despite the fact that she KNEW HIM FOR YEARS. Never questioned why her CLOSEST FRIEND got so angry. Worst Friend ever. Lily was worse than Wormtail. At least Peter had the pressure of a genecidal dark lord nearby to compel him.
Plus the fact that openly siding with her and going against the darkness would be like asking him to die.

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