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Hi guys! I really love writing and I want to do it professionally as an author after I leave school.

I do offer services as a Beta Reader. See my Beta profile for details.

I've written (writing) 4 stories; for Golden Sun and Elder Scrolls Skyrim. I would like to do a Dragon Quest 9 fic (which I am generating ideas for), I also like The Wardstone Chronicles (best ever, READ IT), The Ranger's Apprentice series, Keys to the Kingdom series and Septimus Heap series (I like to read a lot of series about apprentices of different sorts) and I also like the Inheritance Cycle and the Last Dragon Chronicles so I'll probably end up doing fics for them too.

My first fanfic is called Return Of The Mourning Moon (RMM) for Golden Sun. The other for Golden sun is called Contest. That was a lot of brackets. :). My other fanfiction is called Atronach and it's for Skyrim. I hope you read it and like it. :) That link will also be below. My fourth fic is also for Skyrim and is called Multiple Strengths (MS) which is basically me and my friends in Skyrim.

My evil identical twin (really not joking with the twin bit, he just evil to me sometimes :D) also has an account - WaddlesThePenguin. He has written 6 fics! Celestial Secrets (CS) for Dragon Quest IX. Tales of the Dead (ToD) Skyrim Shorts (SS - I am proud to say that I collab with him on this with CompanionWolf12 - another awesome writer) Thieves With Honour (TWH) and The Fire in my Hands (FimH) all for Skyrim. The last one is A heart for a Heart (HfH) for the Inheritance Cycle. They are all in my favourite stories so check them out please.

Now for a random quote of madness! :)

'Suddenly a giant egg pelted my head and fell off my stool onto the floor, quiet as a mouse I whispered
"The Cheese Angel is upon us." '

Bye! Happy scribbling!

PS. Always review to any and all stories!

I'm currently on a break from fanfics. Sorry! All Beta requests should be passed onto another beta or WaddlesThePenguin.

Adz 99

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