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Hello and welcome to my Fan fiction profile! Here i tell a little about myself, I am a female, dark brown curly hair, tan skin, and dark brown eyes, im short for my age, which is 18, hence part of my username. I love reading Fan Fiction, its funny because my friend got me into reading Fan Fiction, and im glad she did! Been on this site for awhile, and i pretty much is a little obsessed with it! I haven't wrote any stories but i really would like to, who knows i might put them on here, if i can figure out how?!

My Life pretty much revolves around my laptop, anime, manga, guitar, music, and school (but im home-school), and my family, also my two cats! My favorite colors are red, grey, and dark/light blue (love Hoodies). My favorite anime shows are Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist, Naruto, Bleach, Toriko, Brothers Conflict, Ouran High School Host Club, and many more... (Diabolik Lovers, Meganebu!, Black butler)

Games that i like : Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, sims 2 and 3...etc. Im am a OtAKU and proud of it!

Hobbies : Reading, Photography, jamming on my guitar, writing stories, swimming

Likes : Yaoi (Fan girl), Romance, Drama, Humor, Angst (not a big fan but its okay), Adventure, Supernatural, Family, Mystery, Horror (will not read it!!), Poetry (not a big fan of it), and that about it...

Im a Capricorn!

My first Anime shows that i watch growing up : Dragon ball or Z, and Kai or GT (huge fan), Sailor Moon (huge fan), Tenchi Muyo (love that show), and that's all i can remember...

We'll im done rattling on about myself... Bye Bye!

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