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So... I'm an aspiring author who's a fandom lover. My personality can meld to be practically anyone in any fandom. I do a lot of RPs and enjoy them thoroughly. :) I also enjoy reviews and appreciate them very much. Favorites and alerts are fantastic too. I will also try to reply to messages and reviews, I may just take a while is all. I appreciate all feedback, as long as it is positive and not just 'This sucks and you're a terrible writer'. If you have something about how I can edit my writing in the future and help further my knowledge, go for it.

Also, going through a huge clean-out and fixing a lot of my fics so bear with me to those who had favorites / follows on those. And to those who were my partners, if I don't credit you, please, please, PLEASE tell me. I'm not going to take full credit for what wasn't fully mine. I simply forget what I wrote with who.

And to those who kindly left reviews while I was on my long term hiatus, thank you so so much for your continued support.

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