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Lucas H. Garrett PM
Joined Jan '13

Short Memo:

Okay, so I re-hauled my entire profile, deleted unnecessary links and descriptions, and added in what I felt was more appropriate.

Also, I changed my pen name to reflect my real name. Mostly, because I was tired of coming up with a good pseudonym, but also, because I prefer to use it now so as to formulate a good bond...I have no good reason, I just hated using pseudonyms. Updated my profile, added in some things about me, but as well, updated the status on the stories I have written.



Colors: Gold and Silver

Music: Anything

Foods: Pasta, Soup, Subs and Cheese

Numbers: 5, 10 and 13

Genres: Suspense and Mystery

Sport: Basketball

Anime: Digimon

Past-Time: Fanfiction of course. Well writing it, but I do read several stories whenever the feeling arises (it does in abundance).

Small Tidbits:

Hobbies: Guitar, Piano, Writing, Learning-- Languages, Medical Terminology/Biology/Chemistry, College (is this one a hobby)

Languages Versed In: English, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Arabic

Friends: Too many if you account for social networking, some if only real life

Major: Electrical Engineering, and then Oncology (Graduate's Training)

Current Projects:

Completing A Reflection of Vanity

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