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"I don't hide in the shadows, I become them." - Nara Shikamaru (one of his hottest lines ever)

I'm addicted to ShikaTema. And Konoha 12 are my babies, don't hurt them.

I am a part of the Fanfiction Review Movement (FRM) where leaving reviews on published stories is encouraged. (I found this movement form a friend's Profile Page so I'll do the same and hope others would join in just like I did.) PM fanofthisfiction if you're interested.


First of all, I would like to state that I wrote this out of boredom. And I feel like my profile's too . . . empty.

Name: Hell no.

Age: I was born on 1998. You do the Math.

Gender: Let's just go with female.

Relationship Status: Single since birth. HAHA.

Siblings: I've got an older sister from my dad and an older brother from my mom. And then two younger sisters and brothers. Fun.

Hobbies: Reading books or stories online. Re-watching my favorite series and Naruto (the only anime I love), watching cartoons coughs SpongeBob, listening to music, and writing (mostly for my own eyes to read only).

Pet Peeves: There are a lot but I'll point out those that stand out.

  1. Rapists. (I mean, who doesn't? But it's the first thing that comes to mind) But seriously, hearing stories from victims or watching films that include rape makes me feel so dark, I have to literally take my mind off of it. Sometimes, I get in a few arguments with some of my guy friends.

  2. People who don't listen. You give advice and specifically tell them not to do it again or get themselves in the same situation again and they agree, but they end up doing it again anyway. I wasted my breath and energy on you, then.
  3. Haters/Bashers. You literally have no excuse to hate someone unless they did something to you. If you're hating because they're too mainstream or because a lot of people do or they're simply a rival of your fave or they don't like what you like or don't agree with you, then you're a narrow-minded person. Which is my . . .
  4. Fourth pet peeve. Narrow-minded people really gets on my nerves. They're not even trying to think of the other person's perspective or situation. So immature. So selfish. So dumb. I mean, just for one minute, try to think. Use your head first before your tongue. Try to understand the w h o l e situation. If you still disagree then fine. At least, you had your own thoughts. Seriously, these type of people usually talk based on what they've seen or heard.


Coffee. I'm addicted. Long nights The Scottish accent. (Yes, if God ever blesses me with a Scotsman, I'll be forever grateful.) The color black. And purple. Music. I enjoy almost anything in general - from the '90s to now (and of course, Elvis Presley) - but if I were to choose on what genre I would listen to all day long, it would be Rock and R&B. Books. Romance combined with a more serious genre. (Does that make sense?) With fanfictions, it would simply be romance. A lighthearted story about my favorite couple. I also like adventures and mysteries. I think I can go for horror, too. As long as it's a happy ending. Lol. Coffee. Recently, I've been fascinated with history. Yep, that's what happens when you're locked up in your room for months alone. Supernatural myths, stories and films. Girl empowerment. Strong bond of friendships. Or any relationship with a strong bond. Did I mention coffee? Lays - sour and cream flavor. I can't go two weeks without eating one. Any food that's flavored sour and cream. Boots. Elvis Presley. Gerard Way. A little bit of Brendon Urie. Little Mix. Nara Shikamaru. Oh, and coffee.

Dislikes: This is lighter than my pet peeves.

Cheaters. I know this is a big deal, but it's probably number one of my dislikes. You literally have no excuse to be cheating on your partner. If you're not happy or content, leave. Bright colors. Sunshine. Danzo. Enrollment procedures. Math. Hypocrites. Clowns. My dad's personality. High heels. My school for 2016 to probably 2019 (hopefully it ends there). Guards at the said school along with the "patrolling police squads" around the campus. (Don't know if those "police" are students or not, but they got me into trouble many times) Bananas. Pencil No. 1. My sister's ex-boyfriend. People who uses the nicknames I gave for my friends. Like, you have no right. Make your own. Leading people on. Being compared. People who would purposely lie. Men who always have dirty minds. Go ahead and disappear already. Tragic story endings. When my mom tries to "fix" my room by completely changing everything which is more messy to me since I can't find my stuff. The second woman my older brother got pregnant. Talk about taking advantage of everything. Knocks on my door. The way I look out for my younger siblings so much. I mean, they're not like that to me, so why should I? Worrying over someone. Especially on their whereabouts.

More personal info: I'm an introvert. I'm not very good with making conversations. I don't like to get too close to someone because I know I will care too much. Don't try to change my beliefs, I won't try to change yours. I don't care what people thinks about me or what I choose to do, I do what makes me happy. You hurt one hair on one of my siblings and I will make sure you regret it. I used to be so angry all the time, but now I'm so chill. I'm not good at making friends, so I don't have many of them, but if you start talking to me, maybe it'll work out, lol. I can be really talkative online, but I'm quiet in person. I'm probably one of the sleepy heads you'll meet. And according to my cousin, laziness is in my bones and I wouldn't be me without it. (I know it sounds familiar)

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