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I'm a writer of parodies, often making fun of already existing television shows and movies by making fun of pivotal story elements and adding various unrelated pop culture references.

Here's several things to look for if your read my stories:

-Pop-culture references (especially Star Wars)

-More than often, humanizations

-Mike x Celia

-WALL-E x EVE (aka Wallace Cooper x Evelyn McCrea if you've read Star Vacation and Double Dates)

-Aandy Breeze x Katarina "Kat" Van Der Shivers (if I ever get to write up my other series, AirHeads!)

-Victor Cloudwalker x Patrice "Patty" Amandina di Amaretti (from a series I made up titled Justice! Excellence! Defense! Intelligence!; better known by its acronym, J.E.D.I.)

Right now, I'm all about Monsters Inc./University in my fanfics. I've got several ideas for fanfics; this is just a tentative list subject to change.

Omicron Kappa RULEZ! (up right now)

After a school field trip, and 11 years later, Michael Wazowski has finally gotten into the university of his dreams. Humanoid!MU parody, with extra character fleshing that was not included due to time constraints on a standard Pixar film, and some pairing combinations that are sure to spark interest (all are boy/girl; I don't do anything else), including *SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT!* Debbie x Michael, James x Britney, Randy x Donna, Randy x Brynn, Claire x Brock, and Don x Sheri.

Omicron Kappa Spring Fling

The Frats and Sororities of MU are on Spring Break, and all go to a local water park for a vacation filled with splashing, beach ball volleyball, barbecuing, ice cream, water guns, and just good clean fun! Includes Squishy's SPF 1,000,000 sunscreen, tropical-flavored cupcakes, Mike's Scarer-print towel, JOX pretending to be Olympic Swimmers, a super bouncy volleyball match between PNK and EEK, every ice cream brand under the sun, and an entire ryokan gets booked as well (sushi, ramen, wagashi, and green tea, here we come!).

Café Week/Cultural Festival

It's café week on Frat Row, and Randy wants to take Mike to visit all the different themed cafés.

EEK! First Crush(es)

While Randy is on his usual route to class, his eye happens to be caught by two bubbly sorority girls by the names of Brynn Larson and Donna Soohoo. Completely inexperienced in romance (and never ever having had a crush before), he turns to Mike to help him be able to at least start a friendly conversation with these pigtailed beauties. Randy x Donna focus with some Randy x Brynn, mainly just one sided from Randy, but overall platonic.

The Trial: A Michael and James Story

Everything is picture perfect in the lives of James P. Sullivan and Michael Wazowski. James is the CEO of MI, and Michael's just proposed to his Shmoopsie-Poo (a.k.a Celia). Well, everything was picture perfect until they got a newspaper with the headline "WATERNOOSE TRIAL FINALLY UNDERWAY". Knowing the deceitful and well-versed liar the former CEO is, Michael and James are fully aware that they may get taken into custody, even though they didn't have any involvement other than exposing the fraud he is. Multi-chapter fic with post-MI setting, divided into three acts. Will have OCs, but they won't be the main focus. Great story if you like Mike x Celia (although it's not a central focus, it's all over the story).

Mariko in Wonderland

A non-canonical side-story to the Energy Harvesters!! series. Mariko Tachibana and her friends are at a local café in Osaka, dressed in frilly dresses and having some afternoon tea and sweets. When a green cyclops wearing a bunny-ear headband and carrying a pocket watch and a stack of paperwork catches her eyes, she chases after it and falls into an adventurous and wacky Wonderland! Features various anime tropes (cosplay, battle power-ups, faraway fantasy world, special protagonist who can bring order to said fantasy world), the Cuddly Hatter, the Cheshire Lizard, the Queen of [Endless Paperwork and Broken] Hearts, and much more. It's Alice in Wonderland like never before!

You can also find me on:

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I have a highly strict review policy. Constructive criticism is always welcome, you can point out strong and weak points as necessary, but I will not tolerate any foul or dirty language, including swear words or any other kind of filthy talk, neither do I tolerate reviews with comments that are completely irrelevant to the story. If I do catch dirty language/irrelevant comments, I will delete your reviews if you are a guest, or report your reviews if you are a member. I believe this is a place to read an enjoy each other's work, and review it in a way that is beneficial, not destructive.

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