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Hi I’m Tarrangar; I have read a lot of fanfiction and decided I would try writing something myself.

I’m currently writing 4 stories.

all stories are on hiatus because im currently having a writers block

1. Orochimarus guide to surviving interdimensional portals: a One Piece/Naruto crossover: it’s a story about a version of Orochimaru who never did human experiments or broke konohas laws. Orochimaru accidentally end up on a deserted island because of a failed experiment the story focuses on Orochimarus journey in the one piece world Orochimaru is neither gay nor a pedophile in this story personally I don’t think canon Orochimaru is either he’s just creepy. This story has high priority on my update list.

2. Storm wraith: a Naruto fanfic focusing on Minato who has been turned into a demon and has to protect and care for Naruto without letting anyone know his true identity since the Shinigami has forbidden him from telling anybody who he is. This story has low priority on my update list.

3. Crocodiles bad day: a one piece/Naruto crossover it’s a humorous story about how Naruto get sent to Alabasta and spoil Crocodile’s plans without even knowing them. It’s currently not proofread and has mid to low priority on my update list at the moment.

4. a Naruto/familiar of zero crossover the idea of the story is that hundreds of years after the events in canon Naruto Louise do her summoning ritual in her world this creates a portal not to the Naruto verse but to the sub dimension that is the shinigami’s stomach resulting in Louise summoning the first four hokage’s and the kyubi the hokage’s and the kyubi will be rather ooc since they all have changed a lot during their long imprisonment none more so than the kyubi who has actually become a good guy. This story has mid priority on my update list at the moment.

I will admit now I think that as fanfiction authors we have no right to complain if others steal our ideas and use them in their own stories after all the whole point of fanfiction is to write a story based on ideas from other stories.

However if you do use another fanfiction writers story as the basic for your own story instead of canon you should clearly state where you got the idea from.

If you do state where you got the idea from that then I don’t see any problem, after all about 9 out of 10 fan fictions follow canon with some twists, so if it’s stealing to use someone else’s storyline and add your own twists and characters, isn’t it then stealing just as much if you use canon storylines?

So if someone uses your storyline with their own characters and twists then as long as they remember to state where they got the ideas from I think you should not only accept that they do it, but actually feel proud since it shows that someone think your ideas are as good or better than the ideas in canon.

Personally I feel that if someone want to write a fanfiction based on the alternate worlds I create in my stories are allowed to do it, the only thing I want people to do if they do use my stories is say in an Authors note that this story is inspired by the story they used as inspiration. Of course I would also appreciate it if they told me that they are using my story as inspiration simply because I would want to read their story.

if anyone want to try continuing one of the stories i have posted the feel free to do so im currently experiencing a writers block so i can continue them myself at the moment and if someone does take one of them up then their story will surely differ from mine from the point that they the story up anyway if someone decides to do this then i will only ask you to tell me so i can see what you have written based on my stories

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