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As of 22.03.2016 I’m in the process of writing a series called “Marriage is like ice cream. It doesn’t end on vanilla.”. It will contain 5 stories in 5 different fandoms. It’s going to be a long road and the chapters are going to be uploaded in random intervals due to private life.

Being a member of this community for so long made it difficult to find new stories to read. I've seen amazing stories left unfinished, I had the pleasure of seeing great fanfics reach the last chapter. At this point it became very hard to find something new and entertaining to read. A lot of stories have overused plot ideas like:

1. Neglected main character (Most of the time he will forgive his parents for this) (HP and Naruto)

2. Enormous inheritance from ancestors which turns the character into the richest man on Earth. (HP)

3. Bloodlines long since forgotten (HP and Naruto)

4. Marriage contracts out of nowhere (HP)

5. Women suddenly not minding the fact that they have to share their husband and discovering that they are bi-curious without any build up or self discoveries done (HP and Naruto)

6. Guardian of the Hunt done horribly (PJO)

7. Male lead character who despite being a virgin will bring pleasures out of this world to an older, experienced woman (HP, Naruto, Bleach, PJO etc.)

8. Main female love interest who despite being 16-17 and loving the main character for most of her life already had multitude of partners despite the plot being either in current culture setting or few decades into the past (HP, Naruto, Bleach)

9. Authors putting mid story descriptions about all the previous lovers who were with the female character (Apparently if you are looking for specific pairing 90% of the time you will also get to see your OTP being with random OC who will appear only once in the whole story, just to ruin it) (HP, Naruto, Justice League and many more)

10. Love triangles/rectangles etc, because the only idea most people can come up with is 'will they, won't they' with a random guy thrown into the mix.

11. Most authors seem to love bad guys who lure main female characters and with mindblowing sex turn them into a willing partner (I saw a description of a story once - one of the most retarded ideas ever that a bad guy somehow forced himself on a female character and author had asine idea that the female will fall in love with the guy). (Every fandom)

12. Many more not worth mentioning, because they are so stupid my head starts to hurt.

13. When a relationship is established, most stories turn it into more of a business partnership, instead of romantic love. I don't know where authors get the info, but romance doesn't end when you get the girl.

I don't know what is with people liking guys like Snape, Malfoys, Sasuke, Grimmjow, Ulquiorra or w/e his name.

Snape who was always selfish bastard. There are so many things wrong with this character:

- His best friend who he was obsessed with, was Muggleborn but he still hung out and was friends with Death Eaters.

- He tried to justify DE actions when they were targeting Muggleborns as just harmless fun.

- The only reason he turned on Voldemort was because Lily became a target due to the prophecy he told his master. He didn't care at first that two new born babies would die.

- Asking to spare only Lily. It always makes me laugh when its mentioned in a fanfic. Did the moron think that she would be thankful to him?! I'm fairly certain that if she survived and Harry and James didn't, Lily would be capable of murdering Snape had she found out what he asked of Voldemort. Mothers can do anything for their children if they care, and given the fact that Lily gave her life for Harry - she cared a lot.

- If Voldemort attacked Neville instead of Potters, leaving them alive. I guarantee that Snape would still be Death Eater, because Lily's death was the ONLY reason he betrayed Voldemort.

- Not the first and not the only guy who got friendzoned but because of his obsession, he never moved on. Pathetic, if you ask me.

To all the Snape fans - James/Lily is so canon that you have 8 movies and 7 books written just because they had unprotected sex.

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