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Hey guys! So, I'm xXBelieverXx... Obviously... :D Anyways, I love writing, and hope to become an author someday, I'm a major bookworm, and I love basketball. So, ya. I came across fanfiction when I was looking up "The Mark of Athena" because it hadn't come out yet, and not knowing was killing me. Anyways, I found it, and now I'm hooked. Feel free to leave any suggestions, comments, complaint, ect. :D Also, I've recently written a few songs, I'd love it if you checked out my youtube channel!

Here's the link!


Thanks you guys! LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermione's Unexpected Adventures Chapter 17

Olivia's Phone case :http:///blue-lilo-and-stitch-3d-movable-ear-flip-hard-case-cover-for-apple-iphone-4s-4-att-verizon-sprint/

Chapter 20: Hermione's Outfit:http:///hermiones_outfit/set?id=83752049

Chapter 21: Hermione's Swimsuit:http:///hermiones_beach_outfit/set?id=85369894

Chapter 21: Olivia and Raven's swimsuit:http:///cgi/set?id=89640824

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