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Hi there!

I'm a lurker/reader and the stories I like to read most are based upon the Harry Potter series. I also enjoy stories from the Star Trek Reboot (2009 movie) as well.

I prefer reading Hogwarts Era fics and I seek those out first above all others. I absolutely love to see how an author makes a particular pairing work realistically while working within the confines of the school setting. Post-Hogwarts fics are good as well but I am not really a fan of War fics.

Harry Potter favorites:

Character -Severus Snape (He really deserved a happy ending)
- Drarry (Draco/Harry)
Other ships I really like - Dramionarry (Draco/Harry/Hermione), Snarry (Snape/Harry), Dramione (Draco/Hermione), Snamione (Snape/Hermione), and Snily (Snape/Lily)

Other stories I really enjoy reading - Severitus (Snape is Harry's father is my favorite followed by Snape is Harry's guardian/mentor)

Other ships I support/read from time to time - Harry/Hermione, Lucius/Harry or Lucius/Hermione and George/Angelina (not Fred)

Favorite Tropes:

All - Child from the Future (future child visits parents in the present who are not in a relationship) and similarly Glimpse into the Future (unattached pair gets transported to future somehow where they find they are in a relationship)

Drarry - Any *realistic* relationship building fic (so no falling in love in a week stuff after being pure enemies for 5 years) during school, and also Non-Magical AU, Bond and yes - MPREG. :

Snarry - Post-Hogwarts Snape lives with Harry's opinion of Severus changing after what Harry learns of Severus's character in canon.

Dramione - Head Boy/Head Girl 7th or 8th Year

Snamione - Hermione goes back in time to Snape's Hogwarts years, Student/Teacher relationship (6th - 8th yr), Hermione helps Snape with his spy work (medically, emotionally) during her 6th - 7th year.

Snily - Anything as long as she doesn't die or end up with James in the end.

NOTPs -Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Ginny.

Star Trek 2009 (Reboot) Favorites

Why I like the Reboot - Zachary Quinto (those eyebrows and lips!) and Chris Pine (eyes the color of cerulean, Bombay sapphire and the deep end of the pool). Also Zoe Saldana is very beautiful and she has amazing chemistry with both actors.

Which leads to:

OTPs - Kirk/Uhura first and foremost, closely followed by Kirk/McCoy (Two troubled souls who become friends and then lovers? Yes, please!)

Other ships I really like - Spock/Uhura and Kirk/Spock/Uhura (*ONLY* where Kirk loves Uhura as much as he loves Spock and NOT where she is the third wheel in their triad)

Other stories I enjoy reading - McCoy/Uhura (This is an amazing pairing and unfortunately there is virtually no support for them)

Neutral - Spock/McCoy; NOTP - Kirk/Spock (Sorry, not sorry! I love Uhura and I don't like how many authors assassinate her character in order to make Spirk happen.)

If you are an author reading my humble profile, thank you very much for all the hard work you put in into your stories. I can not convey into words how much I enjoy reading the stories you create. I greatly admire your dedication and your talent. You have no idea what joy your stories bring to my life! Thank you, thank you!

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