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Hey guys this is me, LilLilgirl! Ok so lets see..

What's your fave color??

Black, blue, and green


Probably panther, idk why, I just like them


Top Ramen, or for you other people Ramen Noodles

What style clothes do you wear??

Umm.. why would you need to know that??

Just go with it.

O-ook umm.. well I either wear really dark colors, black and white, or adventure time shirts.. yup I love adventure time and I'm proud of it.

What is your attitude like??

Hmm.. well elderly think I'm a sweetie; middle-aged think I'm helpful; my friends think I'm funny, encouraging, and sometimes annoying; people my age who don't know me well either think I am dark and creepy ( I may or may not have pulled my scissors out of no where and threaten to cut them ) or bright and cheerful; finally little kids love me and think I'm awesome.

How old are you??

Hmm.. well I can't tell you exactly but I'm between 11-15.

Ok so that is basically me, if you don't like me well then deal with it. So anyway :D Thankz for reading and plz check out my books and God Bless You!

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