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"Death solves all problems - no man, no problem." J.V. Stalin, 1918

As most writers here, unfortunately, English is not my native tongue so there will be minor or major grammatical errors here and there.

I consider myself as a young individual and a child at heart. A student in my senior year in college, both a reader and an aspiring writer. But honestly, the term "wannabe" suits me best. You could say I am a perfectionist but I'm not really. Although I won't deny being a full-pledged procrastinator. Expect late updates, writer's blocks and other pathetic excuses that, yet again, tempts our dearly beloved art of procrastinating in transpiring this palpable tendency within us.

Currently into 07-Ghost fandom (been reading the manga and found it rather beautiful. Angst do work wonders in people, namely me. Still waiting for the free time to download its anime though...) - the reason why I haven't updated Life's Journal. To those who's waiting for this, I am truly, terribly sorry. The Hunter World doesn't seem to pique my interest at the moment (due to above) and its many chapters in manga form. I haven't even finished watching the anime version!

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