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Josef Sieffen PM
Joined Jan '13

Greetings Gents.

Josef Sieffen, at your service. Gamer, Otaku, brony, fighter, winner, emperor, and soon to be master of the world!!! Muahahahah!!

Ahem... Sorry about that. I am a man who enjoys a good story. Doesn't everyone? I am a huge fan of ironic and seemingly impossible situations coming to life, and if I have my way the world over will be quite the ironic, impossible one. My goal here is to write at least one story by the end of 2013. If you can, give me some intel, recon, and a good starting point for me. Together, we will make a new and exciting world, with me at the top!!

Ahem... My partial insanity aside, I am rather normal, yet I have a problem with change and starting something new. That is why I will need your help, the people, to start a new hobby. If only I could adapt to this a little faster. This is only going to slow me temporarily from my ultimate goal of World Domination!!

Because honestly, who doesn't want to rule the world someday right? Right!?

I'm not the only one, I know that for sure. Don't judge me!!

Ahem... And now a quick break from my insanity and on to my life.

Real Name: Come on now, you should never say who you really are on the internet. Unless your famous, than you can tell everyone!

Favorite Food: Pizza, chicken, tacos, anything in between.

Favorite Anime: Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, RosarioVampire, RWBY(also a web show), others to list but can't remember.

Favorite Games: Skyrim, Halo, Far Cry 3, Minecraft, Saints Row 3, others to list.

Favorite Shows (including web series): Red vs. Blue, RWBY, My Little Pony FiM, others to list.

Favorite Movies: Star Wars series, Serenity, others.

Location: Amera Ahnora, Triamenese Coalition Capital

Associated With: Triamenese Coalition; Emperor of Triamen

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