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Hello all! Welcome to my long-over-due- fanfiction profile site. I am actually known as pictureprincess on deviantart. So please visit my site for more info on me and my interests which will be listed on here but also in my art site.

for deviantart: look me up as pictureprincess in the deviantart search engine. Those are my pictures.

I’m also a youtuber who enjoys making videos mainly ln gaming, sonic, and reactions so check it out if you want to laugh! my youtube is (Special made Sha Sha) and I'm a twitch affiliate streamer: smshasha!

I also have an instagram: special.made.sha

So, to get started. About me...

I'm female, a christian who loves Jesus with all my heart, I love pasta, food with cheese in or on it, and chocolate. Nuff said.

I'm in my early 30s yet love classic cartoons and video games and prefer them over regular adult shows (except Revenge. That show is addicting...and Arrow, and maybe Person of Interest) anytime...like a big kid at heart. Go fig.

My current occupation: Doodling endlessly while working visitor management in a hospital as a Security guard

My dreams and goals in life are to hopefully become a great auteur, voice actress, and illustrator, and maybe a publisher and make biblical animes. #dreambig

Ok, well the funny thing about this, is that this is not my first time on here. I was also known as sizzlinwriter some years ago and even put out some fanfics. The only thing about it is that my grammar was terrible at the time. So when I tried to write my well thought out stories, it ended up not getting much attention. So, I just stuck to reading fics on here. I was tormented cause I saw a bunch of good and bad fics in certain categories I have interest in and it only sparked me to write again. I'm sometimes still hesitant, but so far my stories spark approval, so I will continue to read good fanfictions obsessively, but I'll also write some stuff too!

Also, be happy if I add your stories, or you in general because that means I really, really, really, like your work lol. I'm quite picky when it comes to quality, creativity, and accurateness (not a word.) Depending on what series catch my eye. I have been reading fanfics on this site for years on end, I just NOW got a profile going so let the "in-the-closet fan streak" be revealed at last!

So my ineterests, laugh if you want, but most of them are romance, humor, and adventure...in kid series. Things like Nickelodeon, Video games, and maybe a little Disney, and anime, excite me. But the classic stuff. not this new...whatever junk they have out lol. (No offense to the latest cartoons out there)

Here is a list of the interests I love on this site and the couples I will always ship.

I have too many for anime but my top will always be NarutoxHinata. Period.


Hey Arnold

Major ArnoldXHelga fan




Fairy Odd Parents



Jimmy Neutron



Danny Phantom





BoltXMittens...hands down.

Kim Possible



Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go

Major ChiroxJinmay

sparx xNova

I dont mind Ocs if they are done right and blend in to the actual canon rather than take over it, so yes, I'm going to write some SRMTHFG stories when I get the chance.

TV binge watching show couples

Revenge (I will miss that show dearly)

JackXAmanda/Emily (Best OTP of all time!!)





Person of Interest

ReeseXCarter (I don't care if Joss is dead, Careese forever.)

Finally my ultimate favorite video game series ever!

Sonic The Hedgehog

1. SonicXAmy

((YES LET THE THREATS COME! I DON'T CARE I AM A LIVE HARD SONAMY FAN! IT'S ADORABLE! The challenge and chase just makes me wonder will it all be worth it?! Cause unrequited love is a hard pill to swallow, but my girl Amy never gives in lol, and so I shall continue to root for them. It's just entertainment and inspiring in many ways.))

2. TailsXCream unless boom universe then TailsxZoey

(Used to be Cosmo, but Cream grew on me, especially after Free riders. Plus it was kind of weird having a laugh cry moment over the name "cosmo" I watch fairy odd parents and laugh at "Cosmo", then Sonic X and almost cry hearing "Cosmo". But then I saw Zoey and after hearing her sneeze it was all she wrote.)

3. KnucklesXTikal (sometimes Shade)

(Used to totally go for knucklesxrouge and sometimes do but...it's more of the playful relationship than seriousness IMO)

4. ShadowXRouge

(SEXY SEXY SEXY! Their dialogue on Sonic 06 and battle convinced me and even though its friendly terms...they're ont he same team, and free riders reeally had me cause their voices were sexy together and I can take them seriously. Kind of like Hunter and Dee-Dee Mcall...on Hunter...Probably before anyone's time...)

5. SilverXBlaze

(Do I even NEED to explain how these two are perfect together? No? Ok good.)

6. VectorXVanilla

(It's too cute.)

So I'm mainly into the game and Boom versions. Sonic X bores me. Not the Japanese version. 4kids though, bores me to tears. My fav voice actors are the current ones doing Sonic. Yeah, that's right! Glare all you want, but Roger Craig Smith ROCKS AS SONIC!!! LONG LIVE HIM! (plus I finally got to meet him and let me tell ya he's like a human version of Sonic. And next to Ryan, I think he's the longest lasting voice as Sonic so LONG LIVE RCS!!

Anyways, I'm making stories now! Yay me! Please check them out and review! I'd greatly appreciate it! They may be slow to update, but I'll always finish them eventually!

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