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First of all hello

I first got into fanfiction a couple of years ago it started with Criminal Minds Fanfictions before I extended that to NCIS and CSI before finally coming to Harry Potter, any stories I post will definitely be Harry Potter stories.

My Favourite pairings in Harry Potter fanfics are as follows:

Harry/Hermione (Favourite Pairing, check out anything by RobSt)
Harry/Hermione/Luna (Always Great stories, Check out Heart's Home)
Harry/Hermione/Fleur (Check out Heart and Soul, Fleur's Surprise)
Harry/Hermione/Daphne (Check out Unexpected Assistance)
Harry/Hermione/Daphne/Susan (Check out Unexpected)
Harry/Hermione/Susan (Check out Potter's Bones)
Harry/Cho (considering they did kind of date, it is a neglected pairing, plus i've only found two harem story where she was involved those two being The Harem of the Ancient House of Potter and A New Order).
Harry/Katie (Criminally neglected pairing, with there only being one story of any note that be the wonderful Paging Dr. Bell, but even then that seems like it's actually more of a Harry/Harem story, and i'm not completely comfortable about how Hermione is being portrayed).
Harry/Multi (as long as Hermione is involved)

At the moment i've got a few ideas in the works which I've given brief outlines of below, i won't post anything until there fully written so people won't have to wait for the next chapters to be written.

Idea 1: Untitled (possibly Harmony Reigns)

Pairing: Harry/Hermione/Multi

Multi for now means for certain:

Katie BellAngelina JohnsonLuna Lovegood

Start Point: 3rd Year around the time of the Firebolt incident.

Brief Summary: Harry has been reconsidering things in his life since the CoS incident which leads him to drop Ron completely as a friend and start dating Hermione from this his life takes a better path.

Considered End Point: Graduation with a possible where are they all now style epilogue set may be 10 years after (so roughly around 2008).

Idea 2: Unburdened

Pairing: Harry/Daphne/Hermione/Multi and Neville/Pansy/Hannah(?)

Multi for now means for certain:

Fleur DelacourKatie BellLavender Brown

Start Point:A/U Mid September of there 6th Year

Brief Summary: Harry and Daphne get closer because of them both feeling alone, this closeness allows for a very different end to the War. And for the Hero to Get the Girl (or in this case Girls)

Considered End Point: Currently undecided (but it will be the shortest of my stories).

My Last idea is or will be my epic will use some of my favourite Plot lines from HP fanfictions.

These include:

Lily SurvivingA/U and EWE to the extremeThe five highest ranking Magical Families being the Bones, Blacks, Longbottoms, Greengrass' and the Potters.Harry/Harem (numbers being Similar to Radaslab's The Harem War's) and Neville/Harem (about 8 girls or so)Time Travel Do OverSirius Black and Amelia Bones PairingMajor Bashing of the Weasleys (except the twins and possibly Bill)Extreme Dumbledore BashingReferences to other Books/TV Shows/FilmsChapter TitlesFleshed out OC's and actual Background characters (ie. a student passes a message to harry from the Headmaster. This unnamed student will get a name and a House).Deep Backstory (will eventually have its own Story which I've already got the main plot of and will more than likely be called The Fall of Camelot which will further explain some of the plot points mentioned in the Main Story. The only problem is there will be now known HP characters present until probably the epilogue if at all so should I post it in the HP section of the Website.Different take on Soul Bonds

Idea 3: Untitled

Pairing: Harry/Harem

Start Point: First Chapter will be after the Battle of Hogwarts, then will skip forward to around 2005 for the next few chapters, before traveling back in time to 1981 at which point there will be a few chapters set there before slowly over a few chapters getting to the Summer of 1991 at which point the story will truly begin in earnest.

Brief Summary: A brief summary isn't enough so when i post the story the first page will be a summary page.

Considered End Point: Currently undecided, the story will definitely cover all 7 years of Hogwarts and will include the defeats of both Dumbledore and Riddle and a third Dark Lord whose name i haven't settled on yet currently a toss up between Caracas and Mannimarco (TES:Oblivion shout-out)

Idea 4: The Fall of Camelot

Pairing: Semi OC/Semi OC (Gawain Potter/Morgan le Fey)

Start Point: A few Months before the Fall of Camelot sometime in the late 7th Century

Brief Summary:Will explain the story of the Fall of Camelot mentioned in my Epic.

Main Characters:

Gawain PotterMorgan le FeyLancelot (Hector Longbottom)King ArthurQueen GuinevereEmrys Myrdyn (Merlin)Unnamed Dark WizardUnnamed Apprentice of Emrys3 wizards representing the Bones, Blacks and Greengrass'sPercival will probably represent the Bones family

Considered End Point: After the actual fall of Camelot there will be a significant time jump before one last battle with the Dark Wizard, after that there will be an epilogue that will tie into my epic.

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