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I am NOT a writer--can't write to save my life--so you will not see anything posted by me. I do love to read and have been reading on this site for years silently. This year I have decided to be more active as a reader, ie. signing up. As a new reviewer, I get that y'all are writing fiction about fictional characters, so having them be OOC is part of your poetic license as an author. I have a pet peeve--unfinished stories--there are some good writers out there who started something good and then just left us all hanging--life does get in the way, but can't you just finish what you started then be done? The end of my two cents.

I do want to qualify that since I can't write I do not critique others on their writing skills. I will never flame an author! I will whine and beg for updates--which are easily ignored. I will try to encourage with reviews as much as possible.


ALRIGHT--THAT'S IT!!! I'm making it OFFICIAL--The EVIL WRITER'S GUILD!!!! You know who you are--don't give any of those doe eyed innocent looks--they won't work!!!! I've had it--I can't take it anymore!!! What have WE, the faithful reader and reviewer done to warrant this EVIL treatment?? The Evil laughter needs to stop!!! You NEED to update on a regular basis without ending at a cliff hanger!!! Novel concept--why not wait to publish until it is finished and then publish the WHOLE story at the same time? Is that asking too much?? Why am I wasting my breathe?? Y'ALL take PRIDE in your evilness and will ignore this rant and continue the torture of ALL THOSE WHO LOOK FOR A WELL WRITTEN STORY WHICH SUCKS YOU IN SO THAT YOU LOOK DAILY FOR AN UPDATE ONLY TO FIND THAT YET AGAIN YOU HAVE TO WAIT!!! Unfortunately, for ME that means I have NO CHOICE but to be at the so called mercy of the Evil Writers Guild. Evil laughter continues!!!!


To explain the avatar photo, I am a science/math person and the photo is of the global wind patterns. Don't ask, I'll go all technical on you--science content warning!

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