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My Twist to the Winchester Tale 06.28.2015
Baby Becca 07.01.2015

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Special thanks to sweetkiwi604 for creating the Cover Image to My Twist to the Winchester Tale and to SPNxBookworm for editing the Cover Image on Baby Becca.

Please be sure to periodically check out this page for updates and question answers. Thanks!

UPDATE. 07.12.2018

To my lovely readers, followers, favoriters, and friends:

2015. That's when I last was on here. 2015. Holy Moses. I am so sorry. I know it doesnt make a difference but I do miss all of you. So much.

A lot has happened in my life in the last three years. A lot. Some good. Some bad. Some traumatizing. And as always, some repressed. I've rekindled friendships as well as really lost touch with some beautiful souls (Jesse McCartney anyone?) on this site.

Please know I miss Becca. Like a hole in my heart. I do want to continue her. The absence has been inexcusable and I've started her yet again. And once I either have a computer or knew that's working again there will be an update

You are all forever in my heart. Forever. I know many may not read this. Please do not give up hope on me. I will be here again. I promise.

I hope to talk to you guys and update again soon!!

Happy reading!

Addressing your questions/concerns:

Here are some quick links to co-writes that I have done with some other fabulous authors:

Highways are Hell with wandertogondor

Not Our Emily with sweetkiwi604

Here are the quick links to the communities that My Twist to the Winchester Tale has been so kindly added to. Thank you!

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Here is the quick link to other stories featuring Becca as a character:

Sisterhood of the Traveling Hunters by sweetkiwi604
"See what it really means to be a friend, a sister in a parallel universe where four of your favorite Winsisters are closer than ever. Sadie, Becca, Kate, and Leah are the best of friends. Watch as they laugh, fight, and are there for one another when they need it the most."

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