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The Generic Ficer PM
Joined Jan '13, Australia

Hello, The Generic Ficer here.

I'm just a fanfic writer, doing fanfics on stuff I like.

Planned fanfics

-A Star Fox Assault fanfic involving Krystal, the Aparoids, and trying to avoid being assimilated or killed.

-A Sonic fic

-A re-re do of Heart of Fire

-A Xenoblade Chronicles fanfic

-A full fanfic of my version of the Tournament of Power, as I have almost everybody power scaled.

-Several Pokemon fanfics

-A Yu-gi-oh GX fanfic

-An unknown number of Dragon Ball Super fanfics.

-A Harry Potter fanfic (Got some timing of key events in my fanfic to sort first).

-At least one Mario series fanfic

-A Kid Icarus Fanfic (Including a part where Pit said "It's not just Gods who change Lady Palutena. Angels change too).

-The Legend of Crash Bandicoot (Kinda like "The Legend of Spyro", complete with a love interest for Crash).

-After the Legend of Crash Bandicoot, a Legend of Spyro/Legend of Crash crossover.

I may add to this list at a later date.

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