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I guess it is time to put some thing on this so here it goes...back when SM published youngest daughter decided that I should read it turns out that the saga gave us a neutral topic to bond over.. and was great for our all my children have now all left the nest.. and I just listen to them tell me about their lives ,I have learned to "just listen" and try real hard not to interfere (in their lives)

About a year ago, that same daughter told me to check out this site...I've been hooked ever since...and a few month ago.. I joined just so I could comment on a few stories..

It was my granddaughter who came up with "Granny Wolf" and the rest of my girls agreed it was fitting.. I always was on Team Jacob...
(background story)when I was in my teens, there was a group of us that hung out together and we lived in a rural area with a lot of woods around...the guy consider themselves a pack and us girls ... knew they were all wolves, I met the pack at twelve, joined the pack at fourteen, the Alpha decided I was his when I was fifteen(there went my dating possibilities)no matter where I went there seemed to always be a pack member around.. I had just turned sixteen when our alpha got drafted and after basic ,he asked me to marry him. It was a great love story... sad ending though...about eight months into his tour in Nam/he was killed while out on patrol.
I look back on that time of my life and have wonderful memories...that is why I seem to gravitate to stories that have happy endings
I got my happy ending a little while after college//met a good man.. have great kids and a few grand children to is good!!

PS. 2021..FYI update.. it has been a while since I had the time to indulge in some reading, I have missed it. although 2020 really wasn't the best year and I will not look back on it fondly. I am thrilled that there are still some of you still posting, it has brightened my time to again read what the authors and their muses have come to share. the only disappointment I have come across are the unfinished stories, but I always have hope for a HEA matter how long I need wait... keep on posting!!! HUGS!!

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