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Hey Guys!

I'm doing Camp Nanowrimo, and I also did Nanowrimo last November

It starts on April 1st so I won't be updating anything much

Check me out on Camp Nanowrimo, my username is Aria A.

Find me on tumblr: http:///

And I'm on LiveJournal too: redvelvety

Name: Call me Artemis, for now :)

Age: http:///integers/

Gender: Witch, Female, Chica, get the point?

Other things:

I'm a...

Witch at Hogwarts

Demigod at CHB, daughter of Poseiden

Magician at the House of Life

Sorcerer from Camelot

A Lucian

Mutant (w/wings)

A fairy of the LEP

A ninja

Soul Eater


and a WHOLE lotta other stuff :D

I recently came across the funniest thing on Tumblr, and I thought you would all get a kick out of it:

"Posted by calypsos-island:

Our main OTP is in hell we still ship them
Jason and Piper were fucking manipulated by a goddess we still ship them
Charlie and Silena are dead as fuck we still ship them
Hazel is in a love triangle with a boy who is the literal child of fire and a boy who will die from fire we still ship them
Moral of the story, people can ship whatever the fuck they want."

(taken from Blondie B. Happy)

Umm...about me? I'm a girl from the states who wishes she had a British accent, and has her heart on fire(danisnotonfire :P). My grammar is horrible and I have insane luck at poker. I love reading and I'm not the best writer..I'm more of a sciency, mathy person. I'm the definition of a nerd and I'm supposed to be working on my science fair project right now :P

I review every story I read and if it's a multi chap then I try to review every chappie. Feel free to ask me to read and review your stuff! And if I review you, feel free to PM me back! My brain gets all mushy when I have messages :P

Hope you all enjoy all the stuff I write!

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