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HEY! Well if you wanna know things about me, look below:

I ship Bade!!! there my fave couple at the moment! :D

I love Jade, Beck, and Cat! Their so awesome, i also love Liz Gillies, Avan Jogia, and Ariana Grande, but there the same people practicably...

Oh yeah, let me tell you my name and other stuff like that:

First: April

Middle: Nicole

Last: i cant tell you that much, sorry!! :/

Things I like/love: I love the computer, nature, outside, the season fall, reading mystery, romance, and scary, and probably funny books, i like animals and when I grow up I want a kitty :) i like hanging out and talking to my friends.

Personality: im very nice, sweet, caring, lovable, funny, awesome person!(I'm not conceited, I promise) also I'm cute, pretty, and also some people say that im very laid back, i'm really friendly, but thats only if you get me mad or i dont like you, hopefully you wont be that person...

IM A GIRL, lol just wanted to say that, so yeah...

Favorite band: My Chemical Romance! c:

Favorite Food:Cheese burger's /w. Bacon

Favorite song: Passengers- let her go & Adele- Make you feel my love! :)



Candre or Cabbie

Age- 13 years old

Birthday: April 22, 2000

Star Crush-Avan Jogia and Gerard Way!

Favorite Movie: HIGH school

What i find Addicting: The computer and gum.

My fave T.V. Show: Devious Maids & PLL

Skin tone: Tan

Heritage: Mexican

Career: 911 operator

My fave singer: P!nk

My fave rapper: Eminem

My fave word: Nor...i dont know why...

My fave rap song: Lighters by Bad meets evil

Byee for now!! :)

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