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Hey I'm RiViLvFv,

I love Hetalia, like a lot. No I'm dead serious I read mostly just Hetalia, well that could be because my OTP of all time is in that fandom. I do like OHSHC too and Yugioh GX (I know the original is way better but I can't help it (T.T)!!!!) I'm 14 but have the voice of a 10 year old and look 11. Sometimes at restaurants they ask if I want the kids menu. My mind gets off track alot if you can probably see throuh this whole paragraph. I support tons of shippings but will tolerate others. Example: I support: RoChu, Giripan, PruAus but I will tolerate: NiChu, RusPrus. BUT I DO NOT AT ALL LIKE PRUCAN!!! I kinda tolerate it but Franada is my 2nd favorite for Hetalia. I'm sorry but PruCan makes no sense to me at all. So yeah Yugioh GX I really don't like JudaiXAsuka it can go die in a pit SPIRITSHIPPING 4EVER!!!! My OTP of all times is...USUK!!! I just got into things outside of anime so be happy!! SuperWhoLock being one of them and I now spend most of my time watching Supernatural. I know two things bert and ernie are gay and Charlie Bradbury is the leader of the Destiel fandom along with Sam Winchester.

You probably won't read all of this so yeah...BYE!!!!

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