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t h e f u t u r e w i l l b e c o n f u s i n g

oh boy, for a such a long time I had here some crappy text I wrote as a sixteen or less kinda embarrassing, thanks God it was in polish *laughs*

I've been reading fanfiction for so long I cannot even remember times when I was not. Not my fault, parents teached me how to read when I was five and living in the world of imagination - my or others - has become second reality to me. I'd love to learn how to put my thoughts into words but still struggles with elusiveness of them. And English. Not sure what's worse :')) (like literally what's going on with 'a, an, the' crap - HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN TO USE IT)

Fandoms (that have been my home): House, M.D; Sherlock, Bones, Scorpion, Lucifer, Sex Education, The Good Doctor, The Good Place, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, Psy/Changeling, Suits

Currently: living in the darvey dream

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