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Okay so I have had a lot of questions on when I am going to update my stories and the quick answer is I don't know. This has two reasons:

Reason 1 being that the next two years are going to be both exam years for me. I live in the Netherlands and here we use Education levels. Right now I am in year 2 of level 4. When I finish this year I automaticly get a level 3 diploma and next year a level 4. (I have my first exam in 5 weeks so yeah).

Reason 2 is that I have far to many ideas for stories in my head right now and if I uploaded them all, I would have either around 40 stories with 1 chapter or 1 story with 40 chapters 01. And that is not even counting the bad chapters. so yeah.

Believe me when I say I really want to update my stories, but between these two reasons I am afraid that the chapter are not good enough. Which they turned out to be bad and I want to give you guys really good chapters to read

I have decided to focus on two stories. Those are Rise of the White Dragon Emperor and Rise of the Dark One.

Favourite pairings:

Harry Potter:

Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour: Considering that they are both sought after by people for something they have no cotrole over. (Fleur being a Veela and Harry being The-Boy-Who-Lived) I think they fit well together.

Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass: Yes I know it is know it is cliché, but it is something that just seemed right to me. I mean considering how many times Gryffindor turned on Harry, he should have been sorted into Slytherin. I can understand why Hagrid and the Weasleys think Slytherins are evil, but even J.K. Rowling was kinda biased against this house.

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