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I started my fanfiction career many years ago with "The Professionals", (British TV cop show) back when the Internet was just a twinkle in some nerd's eye and fanfiction consisted of photocopied fanzines.

These days I have started doing a little "The Walking Dead" writing. I'm very obsessed with TWD at the moment, especially Team Dixons! There is not enough good Merle stuff out there, but that is changing with Season 3, yaay! Michael Rooker is doing one hell of a job (as is NR). The wealth of talent on this show is amazing.

Life is too short to read bad fanfiction; fortunately you can usually tell in the first paragraph (and sometimes just from the summary) whether it is a Mary Sue written by a semi-literate fifteen year old girl with a hard-on for Daryl, or whether it's something from an author who can actually write (and God bless Aunty Betty for those).

I love the way the Net can bring together likeminded people from all over the world to form communities, regardless of their subject of interest.

There is no excuse for not using a spellchecker.

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